Bebe Winans Leaves Suspect Comment on a Man’s Instagram

bebe winans instagram gay

Is Bebe Winans finally about to come out the closet? The rumors have been around for years, and it looks like the gospel singer slipped up while cruising through Instagram!

Peep the photo to see the suspect comment Bebe left on a shirtless man’s picture.

bebe winans instagram

Is Bebe just harmlessly praising the Lord or….?


  1. Why Bebe say he ain’t never been in the closet?
    Why Bebe say y’all just now noticing?
    Why Bebe say, “Keep up!”?
    Why Bebe say, “You ain’t know?!”
    Why Bebe been doing whatever the hell he wanna do, and the Winan family just turn their heads and backs to the foolishness?

  2. Money and even though I never paid attention to bb ir cc or any of that family nobody wuotd s amen to a half naked man in underwear bb fucking that dude or he wanna fuck him let’s expose these homos who serve god and say they straight

    Let’s not forget the Whitney and cc lesbian rumors

    • Maybe the dude used to be really overweight, and has been busting the diet and the weights. YOU DON’T KNOW. But you circle like vultures, anyway, even though i Do Know that you All have lives that are pretty jacked up. Maybe you should work on exposing your own damn sins.

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