WTF?! Steve Harvey’s Ex-Wife Sues for $60 Million for ‘Soul Murder’

Steve Harvey is being sued by his ex-wife, Mary Shackelford, is suing him for $60 million. She claims her life was ruined after their 2005 divorce.

Mary alleges she’s been suicidal and has resorted to self-medicate to handle the aftermath of their divorce battle.

She is suing Steve for child endangerment, torture, conspiracy against rights, intentional infliction of emotional distress, breach of contract and get this, she’s suing for “soul murder.”

The lawsuit states: “Soul murder is achieved by a combination of torture, deprivation, and brainwashing.”

Does she have a case?


  1. How can any black woman accept marriage advice from Steve Harvey after what he did to his ex wife?

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    • You must not have gotten the memo….

      That dude ain’t on this blog anymore…man.

  3. nobody knows you as the “hollywood street king blogger”, you are jacky fucking jasper the dude who outrapped kool keith on dr dooom. people who were born between 91-98 are discovering you and kool keith’s discography, views on youtube are higher than ever on your old songs. you are alienating your hardcore underground audience by putting all your energy into posting these articles about these gay industry rappers that nobody will remember in 5 years. we want another jacky jasper album! maybe some keith collabs.

  4. Off Topic: A judge has ordered Aisha Tyler to pay her white ex-husband $31,250 per month in spousal support over the next 4 years, plus an additional $500k; and a Lexus car; a grand total of 2 million dollars cash. Black women, do you still want to marry these white boys?

    • You don’t think if she was married to a black man, he wouldn’t have done the same??

      • So very true. Kendu I$aacs wants $110,000 in monthly spousal support, $5,000 a month to support his parents, $4,971 for two children from a past relationship, $1,200 for restaurant dining and $60,000 in rent he owes to several properties.

    • You know darn well a black man would have done the same. The problem is rich vs. lesser rich. These rich black and white folks marry the much lesser income person then they get taken to the cleaners. You know that. It’s accentuated when it’s done by someone you don’t like ie. Aisha’s ex and Mary J’s ex. The name of the game is solid unbreakable prenups and to dump the person you are unhappy with before the 10 year mark, at least in CA. Actually, the best solution is to not marry. If you are a rich male, hire a surrogate. No child support or spiteful ex to deal with. If you are a rich female, go to a sperm bank, or marry someone a lot richer than you, like Serena is doing. Still working very rich women (black or white) get threatened with the kids custody by the poorer husband, specially if they are foreigner and want to go back to their homeland with their child. It’s a money game and Aisha and Mary were the heavy earners, they should have played it better.

  5. Oh well. Steve Harvey is going to make this right or his BUM ASS IS GOING TO JAIL. Right where his fraudulent ass belongs.

  6. If SH wrongfully defrauded or mistreated his ex wife, then he should pay.

    As my drunk grandmother would say: The same ppl u step on going up, will be the same ones laughing their a$$e$ off when u come tumbling down.

    • Exactly! She the second ex-wife. She was with his ass when he had nothing! She married him! And he won’t give her no money and took custody of the kids! Took them kids away from thier Mama!

  7. Oh please, black, white, asian. Stop with the race BS because B-essers do this all the time and she’s no different.

  8. Soul murder. Discovery will be fun. Prove what and where is the soul and how it died.

  9. Hell yes she has a case and I hope that she wins. Men are fags today. They act and think like and do like women. The roles have changed. Men getting fuckin surgery, taking custody of the kids just not to pay child support. Do I need to go on? I ain’t worried though because Marjorie gone dump his ass because she does not love him and never did. She knows how to play the game baby! Then he’ll see how it feels to be in love with someone that’s not in love with you. This his third damn marriage so this let’s me know that he was an asshole. Now that “God” has changed him according to him, which I do believe him, he still gonna have to pay for his past wrongdoings.

    • No he didn’t write those fan posts. Check out his YouTube videos and see all the young kids who are just hearing Kool Keith and JJ for the first time. You might be surprised.

      His Gerber diss of KK always makes me laugh and it has a sick beat.

      • Unless your dick was in his ass at the time of writing…or you are him. Otherwise how the fuck you know he didn’t write it? Shut the fuck up and get a life herb.

      • lol i didnt know 21 years old was a young kid. none of my friends ever introduced me to kool keith or jacky and i literally discovered them not too long ago. they’re lyrical ability is superior to any hip hop music today.

    • Regardless, I ain’t mad at him. He/They are right, Jacky makes some good music. My name pays homage to that. I’d love for him to put out some new music. Hope he’ll keep blogging though. AND IT’S TIME FOR A NEW DISS TRACK/VIDEO! 😛

  10. My mother saw Steve Harvey at the airport a few years back before he wrote the book. She asked him for a picture he told her she had to pay for one then he bent his natural black ass in the air so that she could take a picture. He’s been an asshole and I haven’t supported him since. It’s not ok to treat people any kind of way. He will definitely harvest the seeds that he has sown.

  11. I’m not paying that conceited bastard for a picture he got enough money and women have been raising the price of their time I mean sex ever since they been listening to him

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