Aisha Tyler Ordered to Pay MILLIONS in Divorce Settlement

aisha tyler Jeff Tietjens divorce settlement

Aisha Tyler just got screwed in her divorce settlement!

The Talk co-host’s ex-husband, Jeff Tietjens, filed for divorce to end their 24-year marriage back in 2016.

Aisha must now pay him $2 million in the form of $31,250 per month in spousal support for the next four years, plus an additional $500,000. She was also ordered to pay his annual $500,000 life insurance policy until the end of 2020.

They will split the profit on their $2 million Hollywood Hills home they sold last summer. He gets to keep a 2012 Lexus and Aisha gets the 2013 Tesla. She also gets to keep her two companies, BTDO Media and Hot Machine.

Damn. Aisha got played!


  1. Men have become lazy pussies. I don’t even want to use the word pussy because it brings to mind women, who nowadays have much more character than men. Men treat women like interchangeable commodities. Being focused on self-satisfaction will lead to nothing but broken relationships. Real men are not selfish. Real men are just as concerned for the feelings, needs and minds of women as they are for their own — not just women’s bodies and their sexual usefulness. Real men have a well-defined code of ethics and respect that they follow.

    • In the end, it’s all about the money. She was richer than him by a couple of millions and the judge will take it way from her. Frankly if I had millions, I would never marry. It sounds selfish but when the marriage ends, look how they come at you. Look how it ends. If you are going to live with your partner, check the common law marriage rules in your state. People have to be savvy about this, don’t let love and romance cloud your judgment. I always thought these two made a nice pair but then she struggle with conception. If they had a kid, she would have to pay him child support on top of what’s already listed. Luckily, this mess ends in 2020 for her.

    • Men have not become pussies, white men have become Kevin Federline. These negro bed wenches assume that marrying white boys will lead them to love and happiness will pay the price. When I say pay the price, they will literally have to pay the price; just ask Halle Berry.

  2. When the higher earner divorces the poorer spouse, this is what happens. Essentially she has to give him half of what she earned during the marriage divided over the next 48 months. But one question is how they got to this number when he has earned money as a lawyer while married to her. Perhaps this is how their earning numbers split in half add up, with her being the loser in the end because she earned more. His net is 5 millions, hers is 8 millions. Minus 2 millions added to his puts him on top. They were together for over 20 years so I wonder if a prenup was drawn.

  3. She got what she wanted-a white male. Black females don’t understand the difference between a black male and a Black Man. Being a black male is a 50-50 chance. Being a Black Man is a 100% choice I make everyday. The only thing that makes you a male or female is your anatomy. The only thing that makes you a Man or Woman is The Word of GOD and the decisions you make. WHICH ARE YOU?!?

  4. She Got Her NIGGA WAKE UP CALL !!! ( comedian Paul Mooney voice ) P.s. Pay For Equality You Coon Bedwenching B*tch !!!

    • Exactly! I keep trying to tell these negro bed wenches that white boys look at black women and start having fantasies of Monsters Ball and Ghetto Gaggers.

  5. why is he considered lazy but when a woman does it she’s just getting what she deserves . he tolerated her black ass for 24 years yep like somebody said “pay up you bedwenching b*tch” I can’t be mad at him

    • Exactly. Women are encouraged to take their exes “to the cleaners” during a divorce, but a guy does the exact same thing and those same women wanna cry foul.

      This is equality, ladies. Whether male or female, the breadwinner ends up having to pay up.

      • How stupid are you two morons?

        He has his own career as an attorney which means he has his own $$ so why take hers? What grown self~sufficient man does that?

        Women get paid because they hold trifling fuckers like you down and take care of the house, children and every fucking thing else even when you DON’T deserve it and you def DON’T deserve your wife for making this dumbass comment.

    This whole shit sounds ridiculous. There is no way in hell i would just give my heard earn money over to some cracker . the fuck outta here.

  7. There are no kids involved. This shit sounds racist and ridiculous . Who dose that? GIrl dont let them play you like that

  8. Why Aisha been on her show talking about how great this man is?
    Why Aisha say she filed for divorce, not him?
    Why I feel like Aisha got a lot to hide?
    Why I feel like Aisha will give him whatever he wants, as long as he keeps his mouth shut?
    Why y’all can’t see this is hush money?

  9. They were college sweethearts married 24 years. By California law she got off easy only having to pay 2mil when after a decade she could be paying lifetime alimony. They tried to have children Aisha spoke of her infertility problems and how she opted not to continue to try due to the heartbreak of miscarriages, the emotional stress, etc., They are divorcing because he wants to have children. She doesn’t want children unless they are biologically theirs. This they amblicably divorced.

    • Aisha Tyler can cry along with Halle Berry about having to pay white boys alimony. That is the price black women pay for marrying white boys.

      • She is willing to pay him and free the settlement up with him. Clearly she has no problem with paying him. 24 years married for the right reasons regardless of race is impressive. Also all this hate for 12% of BW who marry out, but you and those who share your opinion haven’t opposed the 24% of BM who marry out and consistently make sure generational wealth goes to the white community and stays there. On the topic of marriage why is it that 60% of marriageable BM only 36% marry BW (52% which are marriageable)?

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    • Oh shut up…you do not know who she likes, just like you don’t know shit about Kerry…because she was one of the women chris rock had an affair with.

    • All that bed wenching and ass kissing Aisha Tyler did, now she has to pay that white man millions. She got her n***er wake up call indeed!

      • @20:19 Butt hurt negro… Why can’t you learn from Anonymous at 15:08? It’s idiots and morons like you who chase sistahs away in the first place. No body wants a butt hurt ass, petty ho for a dude who would turn around and try to do the same thing the white boy is doing… Hope you remember all your soap-box rants for the beckies. boy bye!

        • THANK YOU!!!! I am so sick of this jackass bitching about BW marrying out.

          Yes, sometimes it doesn’t work, but many times it does. White men are often good husbands who are in it for the long haul, and they seem to find black women beautiful with natural hair and chocolate skin. Which is more than i can say for many BM. Aisha and hr man were together for a quarter of a century, so this is NOT no negro bed wench situation.
          Grow up NBA. BW are waking up to broader choices than they had in the past.

          • I disagreed with NBA, but I definitely aint with that (non-black) Neanderthal inter-species mating! That shit is a old trick and a new level of evil, for both Black men and Black women. Propoganda got yall heads fucked up. smh

  12. Cmon Home Aisha…. cmon home baby. There’s no love lost Sista. Bring yo fine ass back home. Brothas still love you, frfr.

  13. Another negro bed wench gets her bank account broken by a Kevin Federline type of white boy.

  14. Quote from Aisha Tyler, “12 Years a Slave … so incredible. I’ve never seen something so abhorrent and horrible look so pretty. It almost made me want to go back to that time.”

    I’m not making this up, Aisha Tyler really said this.

  15. Attention all white boys, go ahead and marry that successful negro bed wench. Have a bunch of bastard black children with so called “good hair.” After a few years, divorce her, drop a few Kevin Federlines and take all of her money.

    • You are steadily talking shit here, but have yet to address the fact one of you is trying to take mary j to the cleaners…fucking hypocrite…smfh.

    • @20:23 While you’re praising and rooting for the white boys, don’t forget when becky bites one of your bros in the ass. Also don’t forget when the white boys you’re praising shows up in the cop cruiser with his piece pulled.

  16. Some real fucking morons in here. They were married for 24 years.He was the main bread winner when she was a nobody.He played his position as she searched for fame and fortune.He supported her and dedicated his life to a woman who can’t have kids and cheated on him.Yall hoes don’t have 20 bucks in your debit card to split but you wanna jump out a window cause he’s a dude and the more blatant crime in your eyes-he’s white.He made sure Hollywood never stole her bread and she got fair deals(he was her attorney)she ain’t stressing it why the fuck are you birds mad for.

    • How you know he ain’t cheat too?

      Yes, he played his role and if he wanted to be compensated he should have charged her ass then instead of waiting till the end.

      So the fuck what if she ain’t stressing about it…he could still be a man ans say keep yours and I’ll keep mine…that IS what a real man does…walk the fuck away and keep making his OWN.

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