Matt Jordan Claims Peter Thomas And Todd Tucker Coached Him Into Getting Money Out Of Kenya Moore

Kenya Moore’s ex-man Matt Jordan is spilling more tea and he’s throwing some of the boys under the bus! Matt decided to go on Instagram Live to reveal that Peter Thomas and Todd Tucker tried to coach him into getting 10% off of Kenya’s show earnings.

“Bruh, you need to be asking shorty for at least 10% of what she makes. That’s what our ladies give us,”

He goes on to say that Todd also chimed in, “They getting all in my ear. And I’m like, y’all girls are different, my lady is different. That’s dangerous. You guys were married. They were like ‘Yo, Matt, you’re her storyline. You deserve monetary compensation.’”

Apparently, this is what led him to believe that he was supposed to receive $10k from Kenya for the reunion even though he states she got upset when he asked her about profiting off of her.

Matt goes on to say that Peter and Todd were cool with him, telling him if he ever needed anything they would have his back, but when things hit the fan, they all left him hanging. He claims Todd told him,”The women, they do their thing, but the brothers, we have to have our line of communication and trust.”

He continues to say that he believes Kandi played a big role in why Todd dumped him as a friend:

“Pressure from your spouse–which I totally understand. At the end of the day, you’re a man. You could at least say that then, especially to someone you made a bunch of promises…’Kandi don’t want me to do A, B, C & D.’ If that’s the case. I don’t know.”

Matt does admit that he’s pissed that he wasn’t invited to the reunion and most importantly because he wasn’t paid enough for his role on the show. “I’m a realist. If I got money, I wouldn’t care. I’m really upset that I wasn’t paid…either way–from her [Kenya] paying me like she said she was or from the 10 grand from the reunion, that they borrowed me from.”


  1. So what’s the problem? All they did was tell you the truth right? If your appearing on the show helping her out getting who knows how many thousands per episode and without you she would have 0 storyline then she should’ve been the first person taking care of you Peter nor Todd should’ve ever had to say shit. Shows exactly who she is for being greedy selfish and ungrateful and who you are for acting like Peter and Todd did something wrong by trying to help you out just telling you what’s real.

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