Mary J. Blige Ordered to Pay Kendu Monthly Spousal Support

Mary J. Blige is gonna have to cough up some emergency relief dough to her estranged husband while their divorce plays out, but he’s gotta be disappointed by how much he’s getting.

A judge has ordered Mary to pay Martin “Kendu” Isaacs $30,000 per month in temporary spousal support. Big number, no doubt, but way less than what he requested … $129,319 per month.

The court found Kendu was entitled to some dough to accommodate the standard of living he was used to while married to Mary, but also decided his dream number was unreasonable.

Mary will also have to pay retroactive spousal support dating back to September … and his attorney fees — that comes to $235k.

The court says Mary and Kendu were living beyond their means during their marriage and still have millions of dollars to pay back in taxes.


  1. Mary took a major L’s:
    He cheated on her, currently with the side chick, he stole money from her to take care of his family, and she has to pay him $30,000. Damn. She needs to fire her attorney!

  2. Oh she also has to pay retroactive spousal support and his attorneys fees. She should have looked into the marital laws of her state. She got royally screwed!

  3. The employed with money ladies of this world thank Mary J and Mel B for giving a lesson in how NOT to conduct your self when you make the help your husband. I don’t care how in love or desperate you are, don’t do it. In the end, he will steal from you and claim half your net worth as he philanders about. When oh when will ladies learn. Equal rights says it will eventually happen to the women, but how blind can one be. She needs to make sure he doesn’t pull a Khloe and drags the divorce on and on so he can get that 30K. She needs to settle things with the IRS even if it’s painful on the wallet. Then she needs to expedite her divorce from this incubus. And lastly, stay single. Do like Oprah and get yourself a boyfriend or whatever but stay single. And don’t let him move in with you because he will claim common law marriage. And lastly, get a dog, they don’t want anything from you except food, belly rubs, and hugs.

    • You have said it ALL…but I want to add one more thing. She needs to have an accountant declare her as being BANKRUPT. It worked for Donald Trump when he divorced Ivana. And then she needs to SUE whoever drew up her prenup because NO SPOUSAL SUPPORT AND NO ATTORNEY FEES should have been at the top of the list. If she marred him without a prenup she needs to take a stack and see a GOOD THERAPIST!

  4. That’s foooocked up. Temporary tho, wonder for how long. This nigga gon be using Mary’s money on his new bytch. Get a job nigga, get a job.

    • Hopefully the temporary support will not take longer than a year which is $360K. By then the divorce and spousal support will be finalized. She will have to pay him based on that 14 year marriage. This is why in CA, they rushed to divorce prior to the 10 year mark so the damage is reduced come divorce time. Mary screwed the pooch on this one. Didn’t dude go back to his previous lady. She needs to declare bankruptcy and slow down the money grab. She owes the IRS and her money making days are done. She shouldn’t be reduced to playing clubs or Vegas to pay this man. Who is lawyering for her.

  5. She got what she asked for. She said in a interview she gave him things so he wouldn’t feel less of a man. Wtf why wasn’t he established before. So she knew he was a boy . Come on man you can not want love the desperate that you willing to pay for it and yes I’m a woman saying this. She paid for him coming now pay for him leaving out. She was a trick and he was the prostitute so what do you expect MARY

    • I feel what you’re saying, & I don’t feel bad for Mary. I used to think she was cool until I saw some footage of her in the studio. To me she came off as ignorant & didn’t have a good attitude. I remember on some special that featured her, Shakira, & others, I felt she was being condescending to Shakira. Shakira may have gotten some words/lyrics wrong, but English is not her 1st language. Shakira can speak more than 1 language & is college educated I believe. Up until recently, Mary couldn’t read/struggles w/reading comprehension & only (recently?) got her GED if that. So who’s the dummy?

    • So she has low self esteem and didn’t protect herself. Now the system is screwing her royally. First her husband, no pun intended, then the system. It’s sad that these nouveau rich artists don’t surround themselves with smart people. Everyone in their circle is a yes man. Nobody can tell them the right thing to do or they are fired. Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have smart people around them, yet Mary is more talented than both. Your husband should never be your manager, your brother should never be your accountant or lawyer. You hire people to keep your nose clean. Mary needs to regroup and start counting her remaining pennies because there are no more multimillion dollar contracts around the corner or ever.

  6. I would burn every penny of my money up before I paid a nicca 2cent. The court would have to kiss my azz on this one. If this aint the ultimate blow, used, cheated on and then got to pay the nicca 30k a month. I would be on 48hours. I hope she keep her sanity.

    • Yes, like buying one great home and furniture, auto, all fully paid. Pay all your bills to zero debt, have a small reasonable amount in the bank, fill up your 401k and retirement accounts, take care of your relatives and put them at zero debt, then go to court and show you don’t have them millions anymore. Just like before she started in the biz but comfortable. Let’s see him collect 30K a month. She has to know this is temporary but judge will give her a 7 to 10 years penitence for marrying this fool. I would get rid of all my money and declare bankruptcy.

  7. And what kind of so called man is this. I dont know a man that would put his pride aside to sue a female. I got male employees and they be trying to act like they not pressed to pick up they checks. What kind of loser is kindu, he should feel lame for the fact he cant bring in his on bread.

  8. Sorry, Mary, that what happens when you try to give a broke ass BlACK MAN a chance. Yet they say we don’t stand by our Black men. Look at TI and Tiny, La La and Carmelo, and the list goes on……then they will turn around and treat Becky like a damn Queen.

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