Derrick Rose’s GF Exposed for Racist Tweets

derrick rose white girlfriend racist tweets

Derrick Rose’s girlfriend was just exposed for being a racist.

The proof is in a series of tweets she made back in 2011.

After she got exposed, she made this post:

derrick rose girlfriend racist

Here she is with her mom and grandma:

derrick rose girlfriend racist tweet

She has since deleted her Twitter and put her IG on lockdown.

What do you think? Will Derrick drop her or…?


  1. So if she has a child with derrick and the child comes out with a mushroom face and his hair, will she disown the child?

    She’s very insecure because she is doing the most with her light is right rhetoric!

  2. yeaaaa, she not white. her mama n nem ‘our people’. she on that light skin female complex. they very jealous and hateful of their natural enemy, the beautiful dark skin black female.

    • That’s because she is NOT black. Please defer to Genetics 101, in particular HYBRIDIZATION. This bytch is a completely different classification. I swear Kneegros stay confounded by these race imposters.

    • Stop it. As a light skin woman their is nothing about my dark skin sisters that makes them my enemy. And please and know this UGLY comes in all SHADES.

    • Stop it. I’m light skin and I don’t feel jealous or threatened at all by dark skin women. I think they are beautiful but I also think women my complexion are equally beautiful. We’re all black women at the end if the day right?

      • Umm… no. Not everywhere and most certainly not all the time… let’s keep it real, y’all…

  3. …No surprise here, as a large number of these scheming-ass, questionable snowbunnies are ‘hired’ and sent to wealthy black men to take their wealth before and after they die. Here’s a post from an Anonymous User on talking about this in more detail:

    Not to mention this sandpaper-skinned thot trying to justify her racism by saying ‘my mom is black’ doesn’t mean shit.

    • Thank you, Raheim for the links and the truth. These devils love this tactic of claiming a “race” or nationality when they are caught red handed. They did it with the Natives. Tried breeding out the real Native Americans who are RECORDED as resembling our people brought over on the ships. Then when you remind a devil of his/her evil history, they love claiming that they have Cherokee in them. Ever notice that??

      • FOr $5 they’re Indian, which is bs all in its self. I had a co-worker that was 3/253 Indian or some shit like that.

    • Saying they were hired is ignorance. Nobody can force u to deal with a woman. They adults and made the choice on there own. Are you saying that they couldn’t say no? Can someone hire somebody to make you marry them?

      • @Anonymous 12:38–Thinking that White Supremacists and/or the powers that be (TPTB) wouldn’t stoop so low as to send white women to wealthy black men who have been indoctrinated since birth to believe that white women are the pinnacle of beauty, femininity, and status is the only ‘ignorance’ here. In other words, stop applying ideals and limits to people who wouldn’t spit on you if you were on fire.

  4. Derek’s career is dead or headed that way. Let’s see if she’ll want to hang with a has been.

  5. Black men will never learn! The tragedies of OJ, Tiger Woods, and boule Bill and many black men continue to screw around with the devil’s daughter. I give up! One more black man gets his money and his life destroyed by a becky, it’s his fault. I’m tired of talking to these hard headed, self hating black men!

    • These black men chose these women. No one forced them. Everyone has the right to choose. There is no global agenda.

  6. This bitch is dumb as hell. First off this hoe is not white just because she has blonde hair and tries to look white she’s still a nigga and what makes this hoe even dumber is she’s with a black man like if she hates the black race so much still to white men but of course the black man will still defend this idiot.

  7. Doubt he cares at all about these tweets. Pretty sure he never planned on marrying her to begin with. If he did not wife that other chick with his baby, he definetly not wifing this one, not cute enough and to thottie.

  8. I’ll never understand a relationship in which a person is racist towards a black women, but will date black men and vice versa. Also, how could a person consciously get involved and potentially have children with a person that has this type of issue?

  9. she probably got her ass handed to her by a beautiful black girl with short hair, or her boyfriend left her for a real black girl! LOL

  10. Dr Henrike Clarke once said that the mulatto was created by the white slave master to cause confusion and non-unity within the Black community. We live in a society where as a young black male child, you are constantly bombarded with what is considered to be beautiful and what is considered to be in-attractive. Dark Black females are mean and vicious from what I’ve been told over the years. The reason being is that they live in a society where they have consistently been excluded and marginalized. This begins in childhood as well. I truly believe that dark skinned black people need a country of their own to become what they are meant to be. We as a people deserve that from the U.S. government, since we built this country in the first place.

    • Dr. Henrike Clarke was ahead of his time. According to my reseach of 2 decades, every thing he exposed about the mulatto state of affairs and agenda among our people is so very true. According to ancient text, this will all be sorted out and we will “exodus” to the land where we belong. The earth was never intended to stay in the flux that is currently is in.

      • Most of the tragic mulattos fuck white men and side with white supremacy. Here are a few examples:

        1. Anne Marie Johnson: Married to a white man
        2. Soledad O’Brien: Married to a white man
        3. Halle Berry: Has kids by two white men
        4. Thandie Newton: Married to a white man
        5. CA Senator Kamala Harris: Married to a white man
        6. Tamera Mowry: Married to a white man
        7. Jessica Lucas: Engaged to a white man
        8. Lisa Bonet: Married to a white man
        9. Stacey Dash: Fucked several white men and has a child by a white man
        10. Sage Steele: Married to a white man

        • The majority of those women would not be here if it weren’t for BLACK MEN procreating with their WHITE mothers, to begin with.

  11. Lightskin Peoples #1 Contribution To The World = Colorism (24 Hours A Day) !!! ~ 100% Fact !!!

  12. All I have to say is that I am a beautiful black women with a beautiful petite brown, black, or whatever complexion with a small waist, thick thighs, and a nice round behind. Not fat at all. Men of all races notice me when I walk into a room. I said all of that to let you know race nor color is not an issue.

    • Ummm… no. Your small waist and thick thighs do not get to negate the everyday troubles of our people. I have a comfortable job and rarely see problems, but niggas is still getting it outside of my experience. The death of black consciousness is the moment we think race is not an issue. I can “not” deny that… at the very least. I think we all can.

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