50 Cent Shades Irv Gotti for Dating Taz’s Angel ‘Call Girl’

50 cent irv gotti taz angel

50 Cent is back to being petty. This time, he’s shading Irv Gotti for dating an alleged call girl.

In his IG post, 50 posted a pic of Irv and his boo Ashley Martelle who used to be a part of Taz’s Angels. 50 instructs Irv to “get his life together!”

HSK readers already know all the tea about Taz and his harem.

So what do you think? Does 50 need to mind his business?


  1. Like half the women and “men” he’s been with were so pure. I don’t know this girl but everyone has a past 50 needs to stfu

  2. Why Curtis (50 cent) showing how jealous he is of Irv Gotti’s new music deal/partnership?

  3. Oh dear Curtis darling. Do us a favor and shut your two bit ass up. Fix up your damn self. Keep folks name out your mouth and concentrate on securing your connecticut compound and future business ventures. Last time I seen you, you were taking pictures at family court with fans.

  4. Irv please give Curtis some dick that what he want from u with his ugly azz he love him some dick lol with his messy female acting azz

  5. No. 50 needs to grow up.no real man does this that’s a female trait. 50 sounds like a scorned lover jealous that the one that got away with that level of shade, LMAO. What 50 needs to worry about is him picking mates that look like pinoy lady boys da fuq..????

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