Ed Hartwell Sues Keshia Knight Pulliam for Going to Court With Cosby

keshia Knight pulliam bill cosby ed hartwell

Right after Keshia Knight Pulliam showed up to a Philly courthouse to lend support to Bill Cosby, her ex-husband Ed Hartwell filed a lawsuit against her.

According to Ed, he only gets to see their daughter, Ella Grace, for one hour twice a week. But when Keshia traveled out of state to go to court on Ed’s visitation day, he wasn’t able to spend time with his daughter.

He wants the court to find Keshia in contempt, and he’s asking for a make-up visitation sessions ASAP.

He’s also asking Keshia to cover his lawyer and court fees.

SMH what a mess…


  1. Keshia is an idiot. 1) She thinks she can get money from that guy 2) She thinks she can withhold that child from him if he ever starts paying out. She should have let him sink deeper and offered him to relinquish custody. No child support. She gets to keep that baby to herself. Now he wants the kid with him, the same kid he never wanted in the first place. She is going to expose her baby to that. I wouldn’t want my kid near him and his people that hate her so much. This woman is not thinking. Cut Ed lose and live your life, you don’t need his money. You keep on this path and you will have to give him your precious baby as dictated by court.

    • First of all, that is HIS SIDE of the story. He’s a known LIAR and ASSHOLE. So I wouldn’t put much stock in anything HE says. He knew damn well that was his baby and he tried to make her life miserable. This is just more of the same from him.

      As for needing his money, she may not but that baby does. I applaud her for not allowing him to just walk away from his responsibilities. Too many women do that and the children are the ones that lose out.

      Even if she saved it for her baby’s college education that is better than giving him a free pass. Men are supposed to be RESPONSIBLE. Women shouldn’t have to shoulder their responsibility for them.

      • Ideally you want the father to do right by the child and do his duty. He hasn’t paid chid support but here is the thing. Once he starts, Keshia will have to surrender the child to him and has no say in the matter. I would expose the kid to that man and his family the will only malign the mother. Why do that considering Ed wants nothing to do with the kid. She should offer he lets go of his paternal rights. She can find a good man to be a father to her child. She wants to make Ed pay and in return, he will make their lives miserable. It’s not worth it in this case. Look at Ciara and Future. She wants to forget him but he continues to fight with her. Thankfully it appears he has stopped that. Once Keshia finds the right guy and has children with him, she might regret forcing Ed to stay in the picture.

    • his family has every reason to hate that bitter bish for plotting to trap him into a marriage with someone he was just screwing for a side piece.

      just say NO to desperate heffas who can only get you in bed with cons and tricks

  2. I bet she regrets the day she layed down with this simpleton. He is such a fuck boi. ?

    • there are a million jamaicans who want to be with one of their own women, but they all thrink they are too good to be with their own kind

      • Your ancestors just happened to disembark the Slave Ship that landed in Jamaica, sweetie. One misplacement of her ancestors on that ship and she could have easily ended up “Jamaican”. #RememberDat

  3. Where are the real black men? Smh disgusting effeminate black males! She really downgraded, marrying Ed!

    • They ain’t at the club, or church! That at home, fresh off a blue or white color job, getting in a game on Playstation… well, most of ’em anyway.

  4. Why is Lisa Wu sitting in a corner some where, saying the word “Karma” over and over?

    • She is bitter and is just saying what a lot of people are thinking. Keshia forced the issue with Ed by pushing the relationship, marriage, and then a child. You don’t do that with an unwilling partner. She kept pursuing him and now look where she is. Lisa should STFU but Keshia created this situation.

      • ditto just say no to desperate bishes who will use a baby to try to get a dyck 4 life

        • His trifling ass should have walked away permanently after saying “no”. But why do I get the feeling that he needed a convenient roof over his head??? hmm… Ole trifling ass bum tactic

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