Was Diddy Trying to Hustle Debra Lee to Milk BET for RevoltTV’s Gain?

BET’s Deborah Lee is talking about the time Diddy told her that he
won a licence with Comcast to launch a new network, Revolt TV and he wanted her to mentor him.. Well, Deb didn’t take it as an honor!

According to Lee:

We were the only black network for a very longtime, now I have lots of competitors. I am not going to hand over my audience to you on a silver platter [competitors]. It’s a competitive business. We are all in it to win. When Puffy came up to me at a party, and said ‘I just won the license with Comcast to start a network’, he said I want you to be my mentor. And I said, ‘good luck’, he said ‘you don’t look happy.’ I am not gonna hug you and give you my secret. And if I do help you, I am gonna lose my job.


  1. What secret is she trying to hide?…… That bet is not own by black folks no more?…… She is running a station like she is told to…….What’s the big secret?

  2. Illuminati Boule Snake vs. Illuminati Boule Snake & Government Agent !!! 100% Fact !!! ~ P.s. They Both Are Enemies Of Black People !!!

  3. Who does Puffy helps, but himself.. He would sell his mother if it got him what he wanted.. He cheated all his artist.. That’s just a fact..

    • Better yet bein Allen. Query as kept he’s pretty close to the BBC if not already there. Ps- Debra Lee always reminds me of the bruja that your gma had on the kitchen back door..lmao

  4. Can’t bullshit a bullshitter. Puff Daddy can fuck over stupid groupies like Cassie, but he will get nowhere trying to fool Debra Lee.

    P.S. Debra Lee is a member of the boule

    P.S.S. BET is not black owned

  5. ROFLMAO @ “Good Luck!” and Diddy’s shocked response. I guess he forgot to watch the Boondocks. “BET hates black people!!!!!” LOL!

  6. Why Debra mad at Puff for not following through on a favor she asked for?
    Why the top brass @ BET getting on Debra ass for low ratings?
    Why Debra trying to make it crystal clear, she ain’t never had nothing to do with Revolt, especially since the white people suing now?
    Why I didn’t know smiling Deb was this petty?

  7. One of the funniest things I have ever seen in black hollywood is The Boondocks making fun of Debra Lee. Comparing Debra Lee to Cruella De Vil still has me laughing until my stomach hurts. That cartoon was one hundred percent accurate!

    • Yup! and see what happened to the Boondocks creator? He did the thing tho, putting people on blast, Tyler Perry, Al Sharpton, Debra Lee, etc. Funny as hell cause he was trying to tell us all something he knew but we didn’t.

      • Amen, I don’t watch it but my ex watched it all the time.. He would tell me exactly what I had told him before he saw the show.. He loves cartoons, I don’t and never have.. I saw an interview with than young man and he expressed hisself beautifully and he never once try to play down his stance and writings.. Yiu gave to admire a young man that’s nit afraid to express what going on in the black community and other communities..

  8. Puff daddy is the scum of the earth he. and Magic Johnson went and made a deal with comcast and they said represents the ideas and inteterest of all black Americans and they get rich off of the deal and all we see is the bullshit we have on tv now nothing educational no conscious lectures nothing thats gone better our experience here on earth these are boule niggas

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