Taz’s Angels’ Home Raided, Taz Faces Human Trafficking (Underage Girls) Charges!

tazs angels human trafficking

“One of Taz’s hoes recently got busted & she sang on the whole crew.”

HSK Exclusive — On July 27, 2015, Hollywood Street King exclusively pulled the curtain down on Taz’s Angel prostitution ring w/ “Taz’s Angels: The New Face of Prostitution”… Now the chip lay where they fall.

Taz’s Miami ‘House of Angels’ was raided last week. Sources say the sting operation ended with Taz — real name, Michael J Williams — being arrested and “charged with human trafficking and tax evasion.” Don’t believe me? Just ask AB.

taz is out tweet

Turns out the $13M ‘House of Angels’ is really a South Florida villa hotel. Just ask Irv Gotti, who — just like the Angels, is likely to be pullin’ a ghost.

“Girls who used to work for Taz and are currently in jail and want a lighter sentence, so they’ve decided to snitch.”

The Drop:

“All he does is buy them hoes clothes, feed them and get their hair done while he’s making millions. I heard hes gay tho.”

Taz should of seen this coming. Everybody knew what he was doing. If his legal sucks … he’s going to jail for a long time.”


  1. Come on, he's not a pimp. Taz was only providing a place where homeless girls in Miami, could stay. Bahhaha!!!! Wasn't Kylie Jenner caught hanging out with Taz's Angeles? Is Kylie a whore too?

  2. Thought fabulous put on some weight my bad .
    Simps hoes snitching tax evasion not invasion spellcheck for you rush to snitch HSK lmao ….!

  3. No respect for the law and this is what happens. At least stay under the radar but nooooo everybody want a name.

    Stop pimping lil girls too.

  4. When I saw the ticker about this story, I already knew he was being accused of child sex trafficking, and rightfully so. Throw his ass under the jail and burn the damn key.

    Now I see why his main "Angel" defected. Someone must've reached out to her and offered her immunity for her cooperation. Lol

  5. You are lying through your teeth. this entire article is lies. You can have your ass sued.

    • That bitch is waiting to get bailed out of jail by her pimp. She couldn't she you if she went to law school, graduated, passed the bar and typed up the Summon & Complaint her damn self. Tell these hos to finish working the corner and the hotel lobby and shut the f*ck up!

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