Ray J Airs Out Kim K’s Stanky P***y Kat…Kanye Wifed Dat? *EXCLUSIVE AUDIO*


HSK Exclusive — Remember when we told you Kim Kardashian’s na na is so stank that Ray J ran to the doctor to get checked out? Guess what? In the case that you might have doubted us, you should no longer! That’s because now you can hear it straight from the horse’s mouth!

“When I told KK … that was it. And that p*ssy was fresh. She went and … it was … most of the time, it was a yeast infection.” — RAY J airing out Kim Kardashian West’s va-J-J

Here’s a transcript of Ray J spilling the the real to author & radio personality Maxwell Billieon in the audio recording:

“I went to the doctor and I asked the doctor, “Look, check me first. Okay, I’m good? What’s up with my girlfriend’s coochie? It’s ridiculous!” He said, “Look, an older dude just walked in here and was like, ‘my wife’s vagina smells so bad … it’s unbearable. What do I do?” He said, “The first thing you do is tell ’em. Tell ’em that it smells bad.” And I was like, “How? There’s no way that I could.” I jumped up and was like, “Can you call her?” Cuz I can’t take this no more.

I mean, I told my sister. I told Brandy, and then she came back at me and was like, ‘I can’t never forget that p*ssy was stinky.” And then I was like, “I know, well just chill.” Because that was a problem with MB, with Miss B. But when I told KK … that was it. And that p*ssy was fresh. She went and … it was … most of the time, it was a yeast infection.

A lot of times, girls wear thongs with colors on them and it phucks up something down there and it’s just an odor, sometimes. Sometimes the p*ssy stink. Sometimes you got an STD. All these things fly up in people’s minds. But most of the time, when guys think the p*ssy stink think they think you got an STD.

Is Whitney Houston, the next babe Ray J throws under the bus on the tape? Tune in on Grammy night to find out.

Ray J Confirms Kim K Stank


    • Lmao he made a sex tape with a stinky puss Hahahahahah.
      He makes himself look soooo bad coz he kept going back for more ,…..
      Now if he did once he'd do it again .
      He must be used to the funk dumb ass starving for attention soo bad he tells how nasty he truly is lame ass brandy lil brother !
      Damn he loves her so much ,can ever leave her and her stinky puss alone next is another song dedicated to her stinky puss since he hit it first LOSER !

        • Ray Charles can see this dude is salty because he put her on and now she getting more money without him. He making sex tapes with the stinky coochie, dedicating songs and interviewing about her years later….lol clown

  1. Comment: The only thing I have with that is you where licking on that stinky Pussy?????

  2. Whatever. If her p*ssy stank he wouldn't have licked it om camera. Shes the one yhat got away and built a brand off of his sister's name.

    • You know that's right. If it had gone the other way, which it didn't , he wouldn't even be talking about her—at this late date. He's crushing sour grapes for real, because his plan was to come out on top but she beat him to the draw. Dumbass. That's what he gets for trying to come up on a woman (meaning his sister, too).

  3. Yeast infections usually doesn't has a mal odor. She most likely had bacterial vaginosis, STD, or her insiders are rotted.

    • She's a rotten witch, through and through. No wonder she wears fish net stockings.

  4. It's not yeast. It's a bacteria infection. If you smell fish it's bacteria, so getting a doctor.

  5. Why now? What is he being paid to say this? Maybe true. Black people have got to STFU and stop giving whiteys entertainment.

  6. …..Ewww!!!!…After reading all these comments…I feel dirty….I need to take 30 showers!!!!….LOL….

  7. now amber took a pic with kim to shut down the kanye gay rumors…so obvious they paid the girl to shut up…too bad amber is a sell out! must have been at least 2 mil

    • Right! Now yahoo is saying that Bruce Gender is threatening to destroy Kris Kardashian-Jenner with a tell-all book. I guess he'll be laid up brain-dead like Odom in a few.

      • I'd say they already made Bruce an unreliable person to listen to. Would you listen to a man who's decided after over 60 years of living to just become a bitch? They already made him lose any credibility he had & they won't even have to work hard to destroy him coz they already did that

  8. Ray J needs to check his own hygiene instead of kissing & telling like a lil bitch…. He didn't reveal anything we couldn't have already figured out. No self respecting woman should ever get with him now after seeing how disrespectful he is.

  9. Fuck ray j he ate her ass out and f*cked that smelly ass p*ssy and he dated her for awhile f*ck that how ray j he's just as nasty he pimped out Whitney band Bobbi k he let his friends f*ck both as long as they paid him, the bitch think he's r Kelly but ray j will only be a one hit wonder and stick to the reality shows he f*cked all the girls on hisvdating shows he act like he f*cking brandy

  10. Years go by now she stank.so wat was the purpose of makn a sex tape and sing bout her.he lame cause aint no dude, myself as well go eat stank nana like ray j

  11. Joanna Krupa is suing Brandy Glanville for publicly saying that Mohammed Haddid(Gigi's dad and Yolanda's ex husband)told her that Joanna smelled bad "down there."

    Ray J might just catch a case too. Good. He deserves it for talking shit about her AFTER he f*cked her for months just to get some attention. Thirsty bitch.

    • brandi said more than joanna "smelled bad "down there"", the bitch straight up said "Mohammed said her p*ssy STINKS!" lol she read the bitch to the bone.

  12. fcker bitch ass ray gay u should be theone to talk. her pyuzz y stink like your stinky di ck. stop hating on women .,….shit dont sound right.

  13. nigga mad a song bragging bout hitting that first now he talking bout sum biitch puzzy stinking….nigga you are not important…n youre beginning to sound like a sour loser….go to the dam doctor to make y\sure you didnt get the monster from gay sex not from p*ssy nigga…..p*ssy the best thing in the world bitch and yu came from the vagina so get some dame respect bitch ass nigga

  14. faggots always hating on the smell of p*ssy but not the smell of gay
    shittie sex

  15. Then you had the nerve to talk shit about Whitney Houston like you didn't reach out and touch her coffin as they were carrying it out of the Church. You a fraud and I am they threw you a few bones for exaggerating your story. You are everybody's after thought. Piano in the living room playing, candy rain eating banana in the tail pipe taking chump…lol lol

  16. Poor Ray J. He acts more like a P***y than the real thing. He will always be just Brandy's baby brother, no matter how much he tries to be hard. You see, he can get over than after he sell out Kim K after the relationship ended, she didn't commit suicide and die, but became more famous and richer than him and his whole family. There is an whole saying, doing well is the best revenge.
    Newsflash Ray J, just in case the doctor didn't tell you all coochie smell. even yours.

  17. Poor Ray J. He acts more like a P***y than the real thing. He will always be just Brandy's baby brother, no matter how much he tries to be hard. You see, he can't get over that after he sold out Kim K after the relationship ended, she didn't commit suicide and die, but became more famous and richer than him and his whole family. There is an old saying, doing well is the best revenge.
    Newsflash Ray J, just in case the doctor didn't tell you all coochie smell. even yours.

  18. This is the lil kneegrow that f&cked Joan Rivers, right?

    He must like stank cooch. He is in enough of it.

  19. Why does Kim, look like a knock off Donnatella versace. As Ray J he's just mad, he made Kim and her family famous!

    • plastic surgery every 2 months will have anybody lookin like donnatella botched ass

  20. This is cuz they don't teach proper sex education in schools anymore. Uptight Republicans are responsible for stank ass chuff.

    • This has little to with school education but more about home education. Hygiene habits begins in the home. The school didn't bring her into this world.

  21. I never thought I'd see the day when niccas would be protecting a cavebitch! smh. Now I done seen it all. All the capt'n save a hoe up on this comment board. LMAO. What ever ray j pathetic ass did in the past is on him, but to come out swinging on a kardashaHoe is praise-worthy!!!!
    Dumb ass niccas throwing a brotha under the bus for taking shots at the cavebitch! *Twilight Zone shit* yes the cavebitch p*zzy stank. All of their p*zzy stank and they smell like wet dog and bologna. Niccas just want to believe she's clean just cause she white. Yall making martin luther king proud with this one.

    • he is saying this because kanye talked about amber. kanye trying to insult amber so ray j checked him. this is the only time i condone a man talking about a woman.

    • If you are just slangin all those insults at white women because you hate them, then fine. I get that.
      However, if you truly BELIEVE that WW stink and are dirty, then you are going at shit the wrong way.

      I can promise you that I have a LOT of experience with white women because I am one.
      With the exception of white low income low class trash, white women smell just like whatever soap and perfume they use. JUST like Black women. And they don't mess with animals sexually as some lunatic said on this very page.
      It's unfair to judge ww by the Kardashians. Those women are loathed by white women just as much as they are loathed by Black women. They are an embarrassment.

      If you want to attract good Black men, stop putting down WW as if they were diseased. That makes you look jealous and thirsty, which I am sure you are not.
      Act like you see them as no competition. Thats what a confidant woman does.

      • You made some good points…but real is real.

        I went to a more than predominately white university and the locker room smelled like wet dog all day every day…that is not a slight…just facts.

      • Well, my sister use to work at a high end salon and we can beg to differ. It is widely known that white women don't think much about washing the kitty cat (WW with money or without). Also, black women that went to this same high end salon did not come in for waxes smelling like they just got off someone's penis.

      • This white bish on here trying to "school" black women on how to act. WOW the arrogance. Maybe if you didn't howl when the rock was thrown you wouldn't be looking so suspect like you in the list of stanky puzz white h0es. LOL These white bishes have the stankest undercover attitudes yet have the nerve to tell somebody they need to change their attitude. typical. covert and sneaky. das them!

      • Act like we is not competition? You're not competition! Never have and never will be. Remember, you and all others came from black people_Africa. The Book if Enoch, read it, know it. and believe it.!

        • Then why are bw on this blog always talking about athletes marrying ww? I thought that was competition.
          Sorry, my mistake.

          • No self respecting woman is checking for any of these ho ass athletes…except ww, according to you.

            BW are marrying billionaires ala Mellody Hobson, Princess Angela Brown and Janet Jackson. So you all can keep the low-lifes while we keep upping our game.

  22. Ray Gay just mad because his career never took off and hers did so he just fronting on this bs.. Come on, first of all it was not your sex tape that made her a star, it helped but it really was the reality show thang that put them on the map, people gut to see a dysfunctional I guess you can say a backward version of a white version of the cosby show or something but much much more crazier or you could say the Brady bunch sort of way, the sex tape just made the show more popular and that was it… if her p*ssy stank then why would all these dudes trynna holla at her and trynna wife that ass, remember she gut married 3 times and your dump ass still can't get a hit… Daaam he can't even get a hit without mentioning Kim K, looks like this guy is just jelous that he is still Brandy's little brother n her ass is on a different money train than his..

    • Being married three times is the f*cking standard to look up to now? GTFOHWTBS!!!!
      And look at who this bitch married!!! A woman-beater, a dumbass and a psychopath…
      Just because these MFs want to make you believe BW cannot find a man…look at the f*cking reasons why, bitch…
      Most of you f*ckers are incarcerated…granted it is usually on some BS, but none the less it is a FACT…then when you get out you get so f*cked up in the head regarding your sexuality…while you are in there… you are usually no longer STRAIGHT!!! Strike two, bitch…and given the fact that we are starting to outnumber you, because you are not only being murdered by the police, but by the real special ones of you who are starting to wipe us out on your own…strike-motherf*cking-three, bitch!!!
      So of course there are going to be a significant amount of viable BW who want to get married, who cannot find a decent man TO MARRY!!!
      More of us than not… have been asked, but more of you than not are NOT husband material and being single and happy sounds, better than being married and miserable, especially if it is to the wrong person.
      My standard is to get married once to the RIGHT ONE… not just anyone.

      • Aint neva lied! This kartrashiHOE is wifing up these dumb ass kneegro males because she's doing sorcery on them. Plus most of the black males who get with any of the females in this KKKardashiHOE KKKlan are closet homos anyway and love to get the FingersInTheBoottyBitch Spa treatment.

        • Problem with black women that are scorned, they always resort to calling dudes gay like your asses are not dikes yourself.. shiit Tommy Sotomayor seem to be right every day, black women are scorned every day hating on white women like for real, You hate on white women yes want to look like them, have fake nails, fake weave, and every shiit that is fake yet wanna talk about "you real" or a real bossy bitch, smh no wonder 70 percent of black women are not wifable and will never be… your asses just dont know how to shut up, which is why black men go to other women, whether latina or white or whatever… black women wanna wear the pants and then at the same time except to be treated like a lady, f*ck outta here with that bull shiit. Kim can marry a billion dudes and she will still be wifable which is something most of yall will never be… prob still stuck with some hoodlum thug in prison talking about he keeps it real n shit.

          • Aww babydoll. I have no hate for white women. Such a thing does not exist. Neanderthal dna invalidates any humane qualities or qualifications as a human. Next, I didn't mean for my cosign to imply that I agreed with all brothas being gay cause I certainly don't believe that and I do know you attract what you tend to dwell on. There are many sophisticated, educated, qualified brothas sitting back in the cut who would rather be single than with a troglodyte who so easily cried rape and hung his ancestors. Too bad there are still some swinging the idiotic notion that black woman actual envy these recessive females. Most of the time when certain types of brothas such as yourself vie for neanderthal skinz it's because you're hiding a proclivity that only they will support and encourage. I get that. Nothing fake on me or about me. Sweetie. I rock my natural salt an peppa and still look more than half my age. What a blessing it is to be a Black woman who defies all stereotypes. You'll recognize me when you see me in the street sweetheart. Don't hate. It seems you have more of the hating and envy issue going on but with your type, it seems to be a contest between you and black women. JS.

          • You quote Tommy Sotomayor??? The one who lost his mind (literally)because his WW dumped him.
            Go on talkin' trash.
            The world is mightily changing but was has not changed is the absolute SCORN the world has for BM, deserved or undeserved. So you tryin’ to hid behind the BW by insulting her and dissin’ her to save your own azz. Ain’t gonna work. Two things that are non survivable: being liked by all or being hated by all. BM have fallen into both categories.

            Good Luck with that! BTW, Tommy Sotomayor talks trash about BW because his mother was a prostitute in the Canal Zone. So, keep emulating him – and we will know what profession your mother was in.

        • And so what? jealous ? Nobody is forcing anybody to marry anybody. You and Ray J, need to join support group and get over the kardashians. Acting like little boys who aren't getting attention. He and you just mad that when you all treat women like dirt and they survive, you all get mad. Deal with it. or talk to a therapist.

      • I didnt know it was a sin to be married or or are you the standard of morality? you gut more black women with more body counts than kim trynna talk about she's a hoe, gthfoth with that bull shit.. You gut 70 percent of black women that are single and will never get wifed, so f*ck if she gut married a billion times at least her ass is wifable. I dont know why black women just hate on another women's sucess. The only difference between her body count and yours is that whomever she "used to date" was made public, hell half of yall are being ran through back and forth by every tom , dick and harry negroe with their pants down talking about they some thug n shiit. She is married, has kids and has money $$$ which is something more of yall will never have except the kids part, yeah government welfare n shiit,. Ray Gay is still Gay and no one is checking for his music, lets be real about that.

        • Only a brainwashed kneegro would say such a thing seeing as white h0es phuch with animals then come back home to phuck you. GTFOH!!! A black women had morals and decency before slimeballs like you started bringing your filthy white wallow session talk back to the community. The problem starts and ends with you sell out c00ns leaving the community gate wide open. That white h0e is still a h0e through and through and comes from a family of h0es and you still paint her a saint. Hold a capital L, you transparent idiot.

          • Thanks for the cosign…you read this chickenhead back, forth, and sideways…

            He has no heart or love for BW which means he has none for himself… made more than obvious from his words and sticking up for this trash ass cumbucket…leave this nignorant bitch to his own devices…self-destruction seems to be his middle name.

            • LOL @ nignorant. I got ya back. If it really is a kneegro and not Kimmode diaper azz herself loggin in under false names. I'm learning that God put these white h0es as a decoy to help Black Women dodge bullets and weed out the weak males from among the Strong Black Men. But c00n still gotta get checked.

        • Oh, now I know who you are you are a WW troll

          Bitch, have a seat, betta yet, go OD on some pure dope

    • Married 3x doesn't mean what he is saying is not true. It could very well mean that they found out how dirty she is after they married her but quickly unmaaried her because of it.

  23. Mike do you work for Jenner Communications? Fuck you trying to diss the sista's for a nasty ass hoe. Fuck how much money she got becuz we all know what she done to earn it!!! Mike does ur girl drop fingers in ur ass too?

  24. kanye came for amber so ray j came for kim. if kanye hadnt tried to belittle a woman then ray j wouldnt said anything.

    • Ray j should have kept out of it all he can say is what Kim did to him when they wasvdating his music career been dead

        • True but. Really ray j brings up the same old same old yeah I f*cked first. She sucked my dick actually the beef was between kanye, amber and wiz what does ray has to do with it talk about how Kim drank his cum that's all

          • And Kangaye goes off on irrelevant tangents …what has he said that is worth a damn as of late?

  25. Mike you make some good points, but this isn't the venue for your words.

    Hating is the default setting for this blog. It's sad too, because there are no doubt some good women here. I don't care if white women are the most repugnant creatures on the face of the earth, hating them does not make your life any better. If BW focused on themselves, and what makes them attractive to good men, they would do much better than the white women they hate.

    • No one hates WW, no one gives two shits about them…what BW hate is men, particularly BM, sticking up for trash ass hoes…see that trash ass hoes…NOT women with decency and respect for themselves….period. While, constantly putting down BW in the process…like kartrashyhoe all you want, but do NOT say BW are this and that in the process…building that bitch up while bringing down your own is BS.

  26. No one that is comfortable dating outside of their race feels the need to drag their own to boost their spouse. I am YET to hear Kim K throw Armenian men under the bus to impress niggas. Most black men still seek approval of their choices by black women so they use the ol' "lemmi spark a reaction outta her" trick. And black women fall for the f*ckery every time smh.

    • How about not saying anything to begin with? Have low self-esteem, hate yourself all you want, but do not bring BW into your f*ckery…since we did not ask to be dragged into it.

      Be with who you want, but keep your BS comments to yourself.

  27. kim probably starting to see the downfall of fukkin dumb.ass.kneegrows. if kanyetta wouldve shut his damn psychotic cocaine fingerinthebootyassbitch ass down somewhere they wouldnt of came for kim, this nigga dum, why cant they just sit bck & count theymoney. its like they brainchipped with mark of the beast like they people control wha these fools do. amanda bynes said that and trump sounds the same way, thats what i think anyway. kim took that picture with amber to show kanyetta & madam kris she delivered amber hoez the thot-check signed and sealed

  28. Many gay and dl dudes smell like straight up shit, don't believe me Google "gay stench". But you never hear dudes that sleep with other dudes complain about loose booties with shit dripping from their asses. But they are quick to say a woman's vaginas smell like fish.

  29. This site has turned into the biggest pile of shyt I've seen in long time. All this discussion about absolutely nothing important and I haven't seen anything in honor of Maurice White. BULLSHYT to the highest degree.

  30. Honestly, this is a dead issue. Niggas were and still are crawling over each other to f@!k her skanky ass…Stank Cooch? White females are the nastiest of them all, yet, dudes are quick to down blackwomen for being dirty like Kim…Bulls@$t!

  31. Comment: While he's talking so much, did he get his shit checked. D*** and Tongue or is that fungus traveling with him.

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