Lee Daniels Hates Tyler Perry… According to Mo’nique and Her Husband Sidney

Mo’nique been been on a roll since she decided to vent her frustrations about Lee Daniels and Oprah during a comedy show last weekend and now she’s spilling some more tea about an
ongoing feud between Lee Daniels and Tyler Perry.

Lee Daniels told Sidney and Monique that Tyler Perry tried to steal Lee Daniels movie Precious and also accuses Tyler trying to upstage him and steal his shine. Tyler Perry also told Monique and Sidney on the phone that he fucking can’t stand Lee Daniel messy ass.

Skip to 49:49 you get to hear the drama..



    • They helped to screw her. She should return the favor. Who are they to damage careers.

      • She screwed herself when she wouldn’t play the well, ESTABLISHED, game. You have to promote the movie! She KNOWS that. She had a talk show for heaven’s sake. You can’t make demands about hair, makeup, wardrobe and extra ends AFTER signing the contract.

        This is what happens when you let your husband MIS MANAGE your career. She isn’t keeping anything “real” either…except real loud and dumb.

        Making movies is a collaborative process and you can’t bite every hand that feeds you. I can’t stand Lee Daniels but he was right. You should be gracious and thank your co-stars, director, producers, etc. Now she’s mad because she’s out of work? Who would ever want to work with her again?

  1. Monique, Baby…these three people are not the end all to your BE ALL…No, no, no. They are three successful black people in Hollywood. That’s it. Don’t deal with them anymore. You did Daniels a huge favor for Precious. If he can’t appreciate that (which he doesn’t–the punk) leave him where he stands. YOU SHOULD BE THE ONE NOT WANTING TO DEAL WITH THEM!

    Deal with “white” Hollywood and build your own Empire. Don’t waste anymore energy addressing any of them. You are What’s Up!

    Love you.

  2. I hope she doesn’t overdose soon .. hollywierd doesn’t like when people talk to much

  3. I bet they do hate each other. Heard TP and Oprah fell out too. Bet all these folks are incredibly hard to deal with professionally AND personally.

    LOL @ using watermarked images. SMH

  4. I guess she’s speaking
    her truth as she states because she’s aware that her career as an actress is done.

  5. She wasting to much time on them cuz she mad over roles not realize nobody else will work wit her producers and directors will not work with her. If it’s one thing produces and directs don’t like it’s being out it Now ill admit she’s keep it real but going broke at the same time

  6. Competition is the thief of ALL joy–Mo shines like Ra. She is transparent, authentic and humble–and she stands in her truth, and that is something many fellow folk in her craft can’t accept or handle. She’s killing them softly, in her own way BASED on her terms. She doesn’t phuck with her family (I wouldn’t either), and I’m with her on that. Contrary to popular belief, she sees the game as it is, for what it is–a snake pit and there is no honor in playing games and being passive aggressive in a ass backwards, narcissistic pageant of ‘get along to go along’. She cut the cords–real eyes realize real lies. The epitome of intelligent design. Operate on fear–nah. Operate on love, they can’t stand the lightness of being.

    A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.
    Antoine de Saint-Exupery

  7. i heard the difference btwn tyler & lee is that lee makes u do the casting couch. especially if u male, good looking,etc. tyler give u play off talent merit lol monique u really need to chill now ms.parker this aint love & hip hop atlanta

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