Cardi B Gets Drunk & Exposes the “Fake Entertainment Industry”

While on a recent trip to Dubai, Cardi B went live on IG to plead her case by exposing the dark side of the music industry that has put a black cloud over her recent achievements.

Do you think Cardi B deserves more credit than she’s been getting?


  1. You know she got pissed on ,and shitted on in dubai
    That’s why she mad,kardi you take a 1000 showers and you still won’t be regular,you can’t wash that shit out you mind

    • Why are they saying that’s what’s up with her (and other black celebs) in Dubai?

  2. I like her. Something about her seems genuine. Hate that she’s in Dubai. I pray this girl doesn’t let herself get caught up.

    • You would think she wouldn’t have to do the Dubai escort trip. That’s ususally for the C, D list celebs. Not that she’s A or even B, but let her tell it, she’s rolling in cash.

  3. SATANIST SEX RITUALS (see: Dubai trip) !!! 100% Fact !!! P.s. Cardi B got the New Artist Of The Year Award (BET) …….With No Songs On The Radio !!! WTF !!! Must Be The Illuminati !!!

  4. All Cardi got to do is pick up her coins and return back to whence she came. She can’t have it both ways. She’s going to mess around and become a casualty of the same industry that’s giving her her opportunity to become a musical valedictorian. Hell yeah, my azz iz drunk too!

  5. What oath is she speaking of? Was that Damon Dash in the beginning of this vid? Also, my question is, is she sex slaving in Dubai? Why 8 shots? That shit is mad wild! I wish she was more specific about what her current struggles are she ranted about. Who was that Arab nigga asking if she was ranting? Sway I need answers?

  6. poor Cardi B…love her music …@Arab maybe you should research rather than talk out you batty.

  7. Cardi Bi is Still Young and Beautiful she still has Time on Her Side and Can Reinvent herself if she chooses to do so. She could concentrate on Music and Blow up like Nikki Minaj………… Just SAYING…..

    • She’s young but she is not beautiful with that big azz dick nose and overbite. She looks like an old azz homeless woman in the face. ??

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