Andy Cohen Confirms Phaedra Parks Lied

Phaedra Parks may be fired from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but the sinister plot she concocted to frame Kandi Burruss continues to be a hot topic for reality TV lovers.

Show creator and Executive Producer, Andy Cohen, sat down with Power 105 FM’s The
Breakfast Club on Friday. He spoke candidly about the Phaedra Parks scandal and spilled some RHOA tea.

Andy revealed that he was shocked at Phaedra‘s composure after being exposed.

“She was very passive, I was surprised by that.”

The Watch What Happens Live host firmly shoots down Phaedra‘s claim that she was fed the rumor by a RHOA producer.

“I don’t believe it and also I know Phaedra, and I know everyone in the group,” he said. “You can’t tell them, ‘Go say this on camera…’ It just doesn’t work. You ever met a housewife? They do their own thing.”

As you know, Parks manufactured the malicious rumor that Kandi wanted to drug and rape Porsha Williams.

On the self-professed Southern belle’s firing, Andy confirmed the report in a circuitous way.

“Well, look, we’re looking at next season,” he said. “And you have to look at where we left off, which is none of the women want to engage with her, so that’s a tough place to come back from.”

During the interview, Andy also dishes on The Real Housewives of Potomac, NeNe Leakes‘ return to the show, and the men of the franchise not being paid for their appearances.


  1. Phaedra sold her soul for fame. Why couldn’t she be happy just being an attorney? That’s an accomplishment in itself. Now she’s just a ratchet bitch!

  2. Fuck Phaedra, She was tap dancing her coon asss for Masta Andy and now she wanna point fingers n shiit.. I can’t stand bitches that talk about they classy then they on this show acting ratchet n shiit. She’s a lying bitch along with Porsha.. Phaedra always walking around with her head up in the air like she’s some innocent bitch while at the same time she always talking about someone behind their back… This is why I dont watch that Real CoonWives of Atlanta.

  3. Andy ain’t nothing but a mf liar himself punk bitch love 2 keep shidd going between those women just 4 rating

    • I been stop watching the Housewives show, it all a shit fest.. Who can be the nastiest of the all, Ms. Andy please stand up.. Fhedra has never ever been a Southern Belle, she been lying since she started on the show…The others have been doing the same thing also, fake boyfriends, buying and building a house…..etc….ALL of the Housewives are ratchet, I mean all of them.. Kandi and Todd haven’t been married 3 years and they are inviting someone else in their bedroom, how sad they are bored so quickly…

      • thank u thought I was the only 1 feeling that way abt this bull shidd Ms. Andy is a damn mess can’t stand that bitch

  4. Andy Cohen is pimping all of those stupid black bitches. What’s even worse is that those black chicks want to be pimped. By the way Real Housewives Of Atlanta is non union. Them bitches are working for a salary that is less than scale.

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