Lark Voorhies Mother Gets Restaining Order Against New Husband

Lark Voorhies Gangbanging Hisband

According to the mother of Save by the Bell alum, Lark Voorhies, her new husband is a member of the Bloods and has been causing a ruckus at her house.

Here’s what’s out there:

“Patricia Voorhies filed a restraining order against Jimmy Green … saying he throws gang signs at her while arguing with her — and it sounds like they argue a lot because he’s shacking up with Lark under Mom’s roof.

Patricia says after Lark and Jimmy tied the knot — the deal was Green would be out of the house every evening in time to catch the last bus back to his place, but instead she kept finding him asleep in the house … including one time in a closet. She says Green yelled, “You motherf**king woke me up, ain’t that a bitch.”

Lark’s mom also points out Lark is mentally and emotionally fragile and under doctors’ care. Patricia was granted a temporary restraining order to keep Jimmy 100 yards away from her and her home.

Green admits being a Blood, but says he means Patricia no harm — and thinks she is just trying to control every aspect of Lark’s life.”


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  3. Someone please check this child into the hospital before we read that she’s been killed.
    The dude is trouble with a capital D, and the fact that she married him tells me all I need to know about Lark’s mental state. She needs help fast.

  4. Lol!! Forgert the ‘captial D in Trouble -LMBAO’-what the hell was he doing sleeping in the closet?

  5. Like lark has any money these days if shez living with her mom shez broke dude gonna pimp her ass sice shee was a tv star hell find plenty of nerds who wanna have sex with her

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    saved by the bell

    • If you play the Saved By The Bell song backwards, it says, “I miss my satan” If you play the song in slow motion, it says “Saved by the baal.” I’m not making this up!



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  8. FYI, Lark is 41 years old. I’m not making this up. She is 41 and she is acting like this! The smartest thing Martin Lawrence ever did was to distance himself from Lark. He dodged a bullet!

  9. If I’m not mistaken, Lark’s mother lives in South Pasadena. Tha city is damn near all white with absolutely no black people. Lark’s mom should just call the police. I guarantee the Swat Team will be there with guns in their hands and fingers on the triggers. That will get this loser motherf*cker out of the house very quickly!

  10. My beautiful sistas, take a look at the problems Lark Voorhies, Maiah Cambpell and Farrah Franklin are having. That should be enough info to stay far away from hollywood. I urge all black women to stay in school, get a college education and a 9 to 5 job. I do not want to see another beautiful black woman used, abused and sexually tortured by the white hollywood demons!

    • Hell Farrah was in my state since last year and this year at Atlantic Bike Week. Remembered she caught a charged back here and it was posted on this site.

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