Nikki Mudarris’ Brother Dead from Drug Overdose

Nikki Mudarris' Brother Dead from Drug Overdose

Nikki Mudarris of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood announced that her 28-year-old brother, Anthony Omar, passed away on June 13 from what appears to be a drug overdose.

Anthony struggled with drug and alcohol abuse for years, and he was recently arrested in Nevada for DUI in 2012. HSK got the inside scoop on Anthony and the whole Mudarris family back in October 2014:

“[nikki mudarris’ whole family is wack as f*ck, lame ass mental cases. Her brother is known in LA for being a psychopath that attacks random people for no reason and sexually assaults girls. Girls literally run away from this fool unless they are nutcases themselves,”

HSK also caught Nikki posing for selfies with a plate of drugs cut up on the hotel dresser top.. Be cautious of what you promote.


  1. Lamar’ s Odom best friend Jamie died of a heroin overdose yesterday. Say no to drugs people.

  2. It’s sad these people live miserable lives and use drugs to self medicate. Don’t be fooled by what you see on tv. These reality shows are sacrificing people left and right.

  3. could be a blood sacrifice offering who knows? i notice a lot of these people dying if this was a blood sacrifice she wll move up big

  4. well, Nicki has Her story line now, remember Cyn was talking about Her brother’s death on Love and Hip Hop New York

    so Nicki basically has to talk about Her brother, all throw the season

  5. The sad part is that you guy sit here and write these stories for people to make stupid ass comments… I’ve never seen people be so hateful when someone is going through something like this. You f*cking people are sick. Let these people live. You are always writing up some weak ass story about a woman that you barely even know. Then it’s always a weak ass bitch behind a computer.. Now is not the time for your bullshit!!

  6. i gotta agree with that. I remember Tony jr would come to one of the clubs i used to work at and terrorize the girls. I remember the strip club manager, dj and dancers would panic everytime he would come in. One night while it was very slow, he stormed in coked out as f*ck and fingered this girl without her consent in the dressing room. I told the girl to sue him but she was 18 at the time and didnt know any better. The strip clubs they own don't have many customers come in and whatever customers that would come in with $$, Tony Jr would scare off. I will never forget one time, He ran to one of the cash registars pulled out a stack of ones and slammed them aiming at my face and 3 other girls that were working that night. His close friends would tell me that there was not one night he was not drunk and coked out. The family at the strip club don't pay the dancers an hourly wage, they never cleaned the club and would take 60% of the dancers tips.Karma is a bitch and bad shit happens to you when u do too much of the wrong thing. There is a special place in hell for people like Tony jr and am glad he is rotting in hell.

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