Lark Voorhies Gets Wedded To Facebook Lover

Lark Voorhies Vegas Wedding

Facebook Pimpin’

Lark Voorhies, the now-unrecognizable Lisa Turtle from Saved by the Bell, and former Martin Lawrence flame, married her boyfriend of a year in a Las Vegas chapel.

How exactly does one snag a ’90s star bride? Voorhies met Green on Facebook of all places.

Voorhies worse a floral sundress, a large floppy hat and sunglasses to the ceremony. Her husband, music engineer Jimmy Green, wore a plaid button-up shirt and jeans for the occasion.

As it turns out, this was the second wedding between Voorhies and Jimmy Green, a music engineer. The couple had a commitment ceremony on April 1, followed by the Vegas wedding on April 30, and they’re already planning a huge traditional wedding for next year.

In a bizarre twist, other tabloids are reporting that Voorhies and Green have never lived together. So now – after two weddings – they’re finally going to start house-hunting.

Lark Voorhies Married


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    These ten women used to be fine as hell in the 1990’s, now they’re FUCKING UGLY! Remember how beautiful Lark was on Saved By The Bell. Look at her now! Holy Shit! Lark looks like fly covered shit! I wonder if Lark used the same plastic surgeon that f*cked up Lil Kim’s face! I used to have a crush on Lark, now I just cringe when I look at her! If anybody knows what happened to this girl, please tell me!

    • this is hollywood for you man they pass these chicks around like football everyone on the save by the cast cast has had a piece of her. they drive these chicks crazy.

      • You mean Screech f*cked Lark? Holy shit no wonder she is so f*cked up! I bet some of the producers and NBC execs f*cked her too. For some strange reason, Tiffani Theissen is still doing well.

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      These guys were halfway decent looking back in da days…IDK…for some of them it was puberty, some of them it was drugs, but whatever it was, there’s no “IT” factor nada mas! lol

      • you know zack and Kelly used to have threesomes with peter engill the producer of the show.

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  2. I just looked at a picture of Peter Engel. He is a bald, old white man. If he f*cked Lark, that means Lark was only 15 or 16, that would screw up most teenage girl’s mind. Funny how E’s True Hollywood Story didn’t mention this.

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  5. This situation screams “handler” to me. I pray nothing happens to her but I wouldnt be surprised if something did.

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