Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Cast Desperate for Money?

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Cast Desperate for Money?

It’s no secret that the Love & Hip Hop franchise employs Z-list stars who are desperate for checks, but the ladies from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood are taking their desperation to new levels. Every other Instagram post from them is an ad for protein powder, teeth whitening, or some laxative tea that will have your ass glued to your toilet seat. The worst part is, they all promote the same exact products, there’s no originality and they are turning Instagram into a cesspool of cheap and tacky ads.

Will the tea help with those stretch marks too? Doubt it.

Why would she use teeth whitening on veneers? She thinks we’re dumb!

Too busy to eat healthy and exercise, so she drinks protein world instead. We don’t believe you, Nikki! You’re too busy to workout, so you keep your plastic surgeon on speed dial. #Facts

What a coincidence! Masika uses the exact same protein powder as Nikki. What a small world *rolls eyes*. Why is she busting the splits in front of the bottle though?

And this right here takes the cake. A 90 pound woman talking about some tea made her bloat disappear.

They all look like fools promoting products they’ve never even used. I guess selling out for a check is more important to them!


  1. If these stupid black bitches are so desperate for cash, they can do one of two things. They can go to and sell that p*ssy, or they can take a trip to the valley and do porn for Red Light District or Zero Tolerance. Nobody is going to buy these bullshit products!

  2. Right!! Who’s buying this no-name crap. I’m interested if the placement seem real and I believe its a product they actually use (because stars DO have tips/tricks they used to become/maintain celebrity) BUT holding up the container and hawking it directly to me is a HUGE Turn-Off and just tells me that you’re a SELL-OUT!!

  3. you non-relevant degenerate of women are as pathetic as they come. and you also give the female species a bad damn damn…which also explains why you silicone-induced, stank-body-having bitches don’t have a man in your lives, because all you poor excuses are worth is a mercy f*ck from men and they bounce. get a degree or some sort and get a lucrative career, rather than selling non-approved FDA. homemade bullsh*t that will only wind a person up in the hospital if they’re ignorant enough to buy such ingenious concoction from out of your studio living quarters. sad bunch of waste of skin you so-called women are. and if Tierra Marie wasn’t so damn ghetto and ratchet, she’d have somewhat of a relevant and prosperous career in singing.

  4. Ewww I don’t even respect these females I wouldn’t ever buy anything they endorse.

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