Did Hazel-E Get a Nose Job?

Lil' Scrappy Gets Into Car Accident

Hazel E has no fear going under the KNIFE!

After dumping comedian Katt Williams during her birthday weekend, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Hazel-E told Vh1 she wanted to find her “soul mate”. Next thing you know, she was flying out to Dubai – the same place some females visit to get pee’d on for stacks…allegedly!

When Hazel returned to the states, she was banged up with a black eye and a broken nose. Hazel wants us to believe she fell off an ATV in the sand dunes, but we’re calling this one “when rough sex goes wrong”.


Hazel’s nose was fixed by Dr. Garth Fisher, one of the leading celebrity plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills. Let’s hope he shaved about three inches off that thang.


  1. Yes like Cassie a couple weeks ago had a “atv accident”, some John beat her azz. She should tell the johns to beat her legs like Lindsay Lohan and Bey does.

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