Katy Perry Beefin’ With Migos After ‘SNL’ Performance?

katy perry migos

It looks like Katy Perry and Migos’ friendship is officially over!

After their ‘SNL’ performance where the rappers were called out for refusing to perform next to drag queens, they released a statement saying the homophobia stories were false.

And now, Katy has reportedly unfollowed Migos on Instagram, and they retaliated by unfollowing her right back.

As for their track “Bon Appetit,” it started off strong and hit #1 on the Billboard Top 100 back in April, but it has currently fallen down to #59 on the list.


  1. Katy Perry should be beefin’ with her drug dealer. I meant “alleged” drug dealer.

  2. Oh please. The likes of Perry and Miley are with these dudes for tracks. That’s it. They don’t care about you personally or professionally. Stay away from these women. Katie’s star is rusted. She beefing with Taylor, these guys, anyone to put her name out there.

  3. The song trash anyway Katy stuck to ur music don’t try hip-hop type music its not work for u

  4. I hate wen music stars try to hard to crossova Katy u see wat happen to jelly tried to hard to crossova now can’t make a hip hop record us blacks believe an,so stuck to ur b.s. music

  5. migos trash also another future,young thug,etc can’t half way understand way they sayn

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