Don’t Call #BBWLA’s Aja Metoyer Baby w/ Dwyane Wade a “Break Baby”

Aja Meyoyer is speaking out about the media calling her baby a “Break baby” from Dwyane Wade. She’s looking at you Bossip…

“My son’s not a break baby, I’m not a side chick or a homewrecker,” said Aja. “I would love for people to be able to relate to me as though I’m their sister or their friend. Life happens and sometimes you get dealt s****y cards and you just do the best you can do and make lemonade out of lemons.”

She also dispelled claims that she’s “bitter”… “I’m actually extremely happy, I’m dating and I’m really into the person that I’m with right now. Life is great for me and all my kids.”

She adds tha,t people should stop wondering how she “got” with two prominent people; Damon Wayans Jr. and the “other person” who she respectfully declined to call by name.

“Everyone’s like ‘Oh God, how did you get Damon Wayans Jr. and this other person?’ But it’s like Damon Wayans Jr. and I, we’ve known each other since I was 12. There’s no getting. And the other person, I’ve known for 10 years plus. There was no ‘getting’ in that either, we’re from a whole huge group of friends. We’ve been friends for a very long time.

There’s no getting, there’s no ho, there’s no anything. It’s like you meet the boy next door and y’all have been neighbors for years. It seems messy but if you compare it to any other situation, it’s no beef. Everybody’s good. Everyone’s extremely happy.”

As for her and the “other person”, Aja says they have an “amazing” relationship for the sake of their son Xavier and declined to comment on her relationship with the person’s spouse.

“No comment, I have to leave that one,” said Aja. No “bitter baby mama” over here!


  1. Whatever hoe. So bcuz he didnt slide in ur dms then u aint thotin, riiight. U knew him for a minute and saw the opportunity & took it. Sloooww clap. This is what black latina urban women & girls look up to. Fuck & suck a basketball nfl nigga (prefer nba bcuz the money guaranteed.) get pregnant, get that chile suppoat checK, get on instagram and end up on either vh1 or bravo fighting and arguing with ur baby mama thot peers and counterparts…bitch u made it lol

  2. The reference of break baby offers a historical background of the child’s father to his new wife. Dwayne was with Gabby, they took a break in their relationship, he hooked up with you, then married Gabby. I read a blind that Gabby travels a lot and this one here wants a second child from Dwayne. We’ll see if the home wrecker title will apply. Hopefully Dwane won’t oblige her.

    • They didn’t even take a break though. They made that lie up to save face. Guess he’d rather be called a baby daddy than a cheater.

  3. Girl if you ain’t married to the man, your baby is going to be called all kinds of stuff. I promise you nobody cares the way you think they do.

  4. Who needs a friend or sister like this chick. We peeped her sisterhood on the show with her own sister, sold her out to a sh*t starter. Here you didn’t use protection when you f’d ur ‘friend’. Eww, you both nasty. You not mentioning his name is lame but it must be part of your contract with him. What I really don’t get is with all that’s said, why doesn’t she have her money up???? Obviously, she didn’t side check memo….

    • Tiny is beautiful on the inside.

      And this chick looks good in the top photo and bad in the bottom one. Truth’s prolly in between.

  5. Why can’t she just get a man of her own and leave everybody’s else’s alone, she just sound’s like a nasty tramp looking for that big payday, she doesn’t care who’s husband she has to blow & screw to get it.

  6. Exactly, cannot speak about the couple or else will lose that checky chek. There are photos with Mrs. Wade at a club… WTF? How dare you sista? Seems she cannot get her own man, always gotta be laid in the cut waiting to creep up on somebodys man tryna get that checky check. And BTW, no amount of makeup can help that catty looking joker face.

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