Migos Denies Homophobia Allegations

migos snl drag queens

While people continue to either support or drag Migos for refusing to perform next to drag queens during their performance on SNL, the group is denying the incident ever happened!

In case you forget, Katy had some queens to take the stage during her collab with Migos called “Bon Appetite,” but when the rappers found out about it, they allegedly refused to take the stage unless Katy ditched the queens.

Now the group is speaking out through their rep to say the claims are “completely false and fabricated.”

Do you believe them?


  1. That website is still up u can c Katy performing with the drag queens & Migo r not performing with her worldofwonder.net

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  2. So wut?? Finally somebody stand up to sodom & gomorrah. BUT, having said that migos in that eyes wide shut shit, yall saw them @met gala with the devil white woman in the picture. They get down, they have 2 to eat. Even though i still dont blame them for not wanting to give that public image. Katy Perry so high outta her mind lately, the bitch dont know if she going or coming, i dunno what happened to her, but all of a sudden she looks like she on meth 24/7 365

  3. Katy perry all.bout that lgbt life anyway and migos gonna learn you can’t piss off the gays

  4. See what happened was they blew up and crossed over when that fool on that award show shouted them out and then they were in demand and they bit the carrot so now they are owned and will be used for any purpose that bastards billionaires want! They won’t be the first black group or men that gets taken down or made to look some kinda way by the white woman/establishment!

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