Mo’Nique Tells Adrienne Bailon to ‘Say it to My Face’!

Mo’Nique is calling Adrienne Bailon out to have her on ‘The Real‘ talk show to address the claims the talk show co-host made against her.

You may remember, earlier this week, Adrienne said just because Mo’Nique was “Loud, Disrespectful and Boisterous, doesn’t mean Mo’Nique was “Keeping it real” when she blasted Oprah, Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels. In response, Mo’Nique told Adrienne Bailon to bring her on the show so Adrienne can say it to Mon’Nique directly.

She speaks on this around :56 seconds in the second video. She was very bold in saying that Monique is acting loud, boisterous, and unclassy and Loni checked her.

Now Monique wants her to say it to her face so she knows its real!


  1. Monique will cut you. Leave her alone. Besides, the people on these shows are cowards, they never address real issues like women having to take the couch for work in Hollywood, youngsters being taken advantage of, racism, rampant drug use. Who watches this dribble.

    • They never address the issue of Adrienne Bailon sucking and fucking dozens of dudes just to pay her bills.

  2. THIS IS WHY I DON’T WATCH THIS SHOW,THEY ARE A Bootleg copy of the view.. I am not a fan of the view but at least they talk about relevent topics, these huxes be talking about shiiit no one knows the 4uck they talking about… Like who watches this shiiit, ALL THE CHARACTERS ARE LIKE A CARBON COPY OF THE VIEW!!!

  3. Tamera is sweet, the other ones are a$$ kissing to the extreme!!!!! I don’t even like Monique at all, she is loud and annoying, but I do believe her side of the story and don’t see nothing wrong with her throwing up that middle finger to any of them. Oprah is fake as shyt, anyone can see that a mile away and I have no idea who Lee Daniels is. Tyler Perry maybe ain’t deserve it but It’s about time somebody checked Oprah evil a$$.

    I lost all respect for that comedian in the middle. She is really a$$ kissing. I don’t think Adrienne is being fake but seems to care more than she should.

    • The comedian in the middle is Jason Whitlock, I mean Loni Love. Before The Real, she was doing the chitlin circuit for beef jerky and hog mogs. She got lucky and came up on some paper; she ain’t going to mess this six figure gig up.

    • @00:04 – you are easily fooled. Tamera is the fake ass “sweet”. I call it Nice-ty. It’s a nasty fakeness disguised as nice. Why? because when you are doing what she does – being a shadow “peacemaker” archetype because you can’t stand to see conflict being resolved, you hinder the process. And we all know what does not get resolved, festers and soon boils over. At best, she should STFU and fall back, if she can’t add anything healing to the conversation.

    • No! Monique is a G. She stood up for herself and called out the boules bitches Oprah, Lee Daniels and Ma Dukes. The two gay men and the fat dyke may be rich, but they don’t have the talent or the strength of Monique!

      • @12:17, I’m with you on this one, NBA. All one has to do is research what happened to the creator of The Boondocks after that episode that eerily resembled Tyler Perry…

        • I meant that she ruined her career by insisting to be paid to attend red carpet events supporting her film, such as Cannes.

          Tom Hanks and Jennifer Lawrence don’t get paid to support their films, but Mo’Nique should? The studio books a 5 star hotel, a stylist and make-up artist, and the gift bags are close to six figures. But, nobody black or white gets a check for going to film festivals.
          Her husband set her up for failure. Watch the Periscope interview she and her husband did recently.

          • Yes she should have.

            Those people are paid out the ass already for the making the film, so why would they care abt being paid for every appearance?

            I am glad she stood her ground, did not play the game and still won the oscar…what is sad is she is married to a fag.

      • Making movies is a COLLABORATIVE PROCESS. Any rookie in the game knows that. She should of thanked the folks that helped her make the movie and she should of actively promoted it.

        And if her rookie manager husband knew what he was doing…he would of negotiated the things she needed to help her do so.

        Instead, she got bitter and tried to change the game when she was too new in the game to do so. She cut off her nose to spite her face…now she’s mad that she’s without one.

  4. Tamera Mowry is a bastard negro bed wench, the Asian chick has no tits, Adrienne Bailon is a dirty, conniving cock sucker who can’t get love from her own people, and Loni Love is fatter than Jason Whitlock. Who the fuck watches this show?

    • Tamera is the seed of a neanderthal. She is not black. So called “black” does not come in hybrid editions. White does NOT – so Black, surely does not. Kick em back over the genetic wall.

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