Poor Katie Holmes Has to Wait Until March to Smash Jamie Foxx

jamie foxx katie holmes no white girls

Jamie Foxx clowned Katie Holmes and their secret relationship when he proclaimed he’ll be holding off on being with white girls until AFTER Black History Month is over.



  1. This is one sad ass coon ass little boy. Grew up in racist ass Texas and still yearning and feenin’ for his oppressors’ daughters.

    • Hey the same way slave massa was fucking black women and sharing them with his sons and friends, black dudes are doing to their daughters….sistas should thanks us for knocking up snowbunnys and neglecting them just like old massa

      • Raping is NOT fucking Asshole.

        Slaves were property and none of those women gave consent, You Ignorant Piece Of Shit, so stop making this dumb ass comment.

        • How come all these rape victims who were down for the black struggle never poisoined the slave massa or try to kill him after he bust a nut in them. They were pretty docile then. But black men in modern times get the strong independant, nigga cant tell me shit … I am going to put you on child support black woman. smdh

          • You all were the men so why did you not do anything to protect the women…Dumb Fuck.

            Because in any of those cases you would be dead.

            I know your asshole is still traumatized Asshole, but try to use what little brain you have left, instead thinking with your Blown Out Crack.

            • So sistas can sleep with beefing brothers and get them set up to be killed AND escape with their lives but they cant setup the massa to be murdered. Hmm Sistas dont respect black man life that why they use their pussy to get brothers to kill another and why DC had the highest murder rate in the early 90s

              • Stay on topic Redumbshit.

                I know it is hard with your ass crack still effecting your brain, this is why you need mental assistance.

              • FACT!!!!! Sista’s are responsible for more black men getting killed than the po po.. same bitches responsible for Niggaz going to jail at a higher rate than anyone..

              • ^^^STFU Clown…No one is killing you but yourselves, take responsibility for the dumb shit you do.

          • never know they may have tryed. they may have gotten caught, beat, raped, whipped

    • @Mama… makes u wonder huh,he may drop her like a hot rock,seems like he embarrassing her @ the no white girl line,when ur between/no job snowflakes have that $$$ to pass out but they too subservient to keep around mho

  2. I would drop kick his ass with the quick, if I were her…he is not worth it.

    Besides aren’t both his daughters mothers’ white? Your preference is clear…

    You are 50 Hymie…Grow the Fuck Up and Stop being a Dick!

  3. No Jamie Foxx baby mamas ate both black

    Jamie like most back Mem starts out dating black men then they start having access to white pussy they would never get unless they was famous

  4. Waiting on the Valtrex to fix the outbreak before smashing so he doesn’t pass it on to his menz and them

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