Former NFL Player Rae Carruth Wants Custody of the Son He Tried to Kill

rae carruth custody son

Former Carolina Panthers wide receiver Rae Carruth has spent the last 17 years of his life in prison for conspiracy to murder his pregnant girlfriend, Cherica Adams. Cherica died a month after Carruth hired Van Brett Watkins and Michael Kennedy to murder her. Carruth concocted the plan after Adams refused to get an abortion.

Her child, Chancellor Lee Adams, survived but was born prematurely and suffers from cerebral palsy as a result of his traumatic birth. He’s being raised by Cherica’s mom, Saundra.

Rae, who’ll be released on October 22, 2018, apologizes for the murder and is now telling Saundra he’ll be taking over the duties of raising the disabled boy.

“I’m apologizing for the loss of her daughter. I’m apologizing for the impairment of my son. I feel responsible for everything that happened. And I just want her to know that truly I am sorry for everything…I should be raising my son. His mother should be raising her son…Ms. Adams should not be doing this and I want that responsibility back…I feel like he might not ever have his mother in his life but he could still have me and I could still make a difference and I don’t think that’s anyone’s responsibility when I’m still here.” – Rae Carruth

Saundra Adams says she forgives him but “he’s not ever going to have custody of Chancellor.”

“Chancellor will be raised either by me or, after I’m gone, by someone else who loves him and who knows him. He will never be raised by a stranger — someone he doesn’t know and who tried to kill him.” – Saundra Adams



  1. Rae Says That He FEELS Responsible For Everything That Happened.

    Umm No Sir……..You ARE Responsible For Everything That Happened!!!

    • EXACTLY, you killed his mother and wanted him dead as well, but instead of killing him, you disabled him for the rest of his life.
      Dude, go crawl under a rock. Should’ve hung yourself in prison.

  2. Is he going to find a job when he gets out and pay child support for the kid? I’m wondering is that’s why he wants custody.

  3. Coward fuck your feelings yoy are responsible for it all. He only wants custody to avoid paying for his son.

  4. SMH, he can’t possibly be serious. If he had ANY smarts about him he would leave prison and just go dark, no interviews, no nothing. He doesn’t need, nor should he want to bring any attention to himself. Just go away and focus on trying to put whatever pieces of his life back together. Leave that girl’s mother and her grandson alone.

    • The girls Mother is the one who reached out to him first. She said a few months ago that she was bringing the boy to his prison release because she wants him to be in his sons life. Than his response was what you’re reading here.

      The Grandmother started this, Ray was sitting in prison minding his business. A true Grandmother would be trying to protect the boy from this man, but instead she wants to shove him in his face. So he responded in a way that keeps him from looking worst than what he already does. The boy don’t look like he would know any of the difference, prob could careless if he ever sees his father. The Grandma just being messy, if she not gone truley forgive him and don’t believe he really want to be there for the boy, if she think he not sincere, what’s the point of bringing the boy down there.

      And this is why I say it’s hoodrat babymama behavior, she just being messy! The same games her daughter played

  5. I think the Mother is crazy and that’s probably how her daughter was, which is why he did not want a baby with her in the first place. She went out of her way to try and put this man on blast about how she was going to bring the boy to his release to meet his Father, everyone said she was stupid. Now the man is saying okay I’m down and want to be in his life and she saying hell no. Sound like typical baby mama drama that will drive a nigga to take you out or leave.

    Woman always blaming the men for stuff but they take no responsibility for driving the man away. I can tell you right now I deal with kids and I can’t stand some of these bitter bitching Mothers and I hate the men that impregnated them.

    • Still no dude should resort to murder thats not cool…i guarantee you he was fucking her raw wilingly

      • No, but he did, he served his time so now what? Is he supposed to jump off a building to make everyone happy?

        He’s wrong but it’s also wrong for woman to keep trying to trap men with babies for money. Shady shyt happen to shady people. You can’t rob a drop dealer and the be mad when the drugs you stole are fake.

        All I’m saying is if you scandeouls, academia stuff will happen to you. She tried to trap the man and he murdered her

        • You have nerve to speak ill of the dead.

          You have no clue what was going on in their relationship…just because you have done ho type shit in your past does not mean that is what happened in this situation…you are a Mountain of Trash dipped in Shit!

      • The only man I lied and told I was pregnant with baby threatend to kill me if I got an abortion. I don’t mess with men that don’t love me, I test that out in the beginning.

        • The fact you even said that shows what kind of Trifling Bitch you are, just shut up already.

          You are an embarrassment to ALL women.

          • Hey, That’s a quick way to know if a man truly loves you the way he claims. Just because a man says he loves you doesn’t mean that he does, quickest way to find out is tell him your pregnant…I have brothers and many uncles they be in love until the girl says she’s pregnant, than all of a sudden they hate her, dump her and be on to the next. The only woman that they stick with is the ones they really love.

            So I use that on all 3 of my boyfriends. 1 bounced and the other two ask me to marry them. But one actually got mad when he realized I wasn’t pregnant, but he still loves me.

            The one that bounced has about 3 babymamas right now and ain’t married none. So I’m glad I dodged that bullet by testing him first.

            • Shut Up Dummy…

              No intelligent person would take advice from someone who on the regular is lost by a simple comment on this board.

              Again not reading that BS…hell walking and chew gum at the same time is an accomplishment for you.

    • Ray is full of shit. He’s saying EXACTLY what he thinks folks want to hear to get out of jail and to repair his image and reputation.

      He has NEVER taken responsibility in terms of admitting what he did…hire a man to off his pregnant girlfriend to avoid paying child support.

      THIS grandmother has bent over backwards to ensure his son had everything he needs to LIVE while Ray’s mom has remained out of the picture…still mad because her guilty ass son was convicted.

      He needs to meet his son, apologize and try to be a father, but he does not need custody to do that. That boy is almost grown and does not know him.

      • He probably is full of it. So he should not waste they time, he should just move on and star a new family. If they boy was a super star athlete that grandma would be doing everything in her power to keep him away from his dad. But since he came out different she want him around.

        They all full of it! If she cared about that boy she would not even be putting him in this situation, she would just take care of him and shut up and wait for Ray to contact her. The grandmother started all of this by saying she was bringing the boy to his jail release, she forced that bogus statement out of Ray so he don’t look bad to the public. She thought he was going be an azz and he hit her with the BS ookie doke.

    • This man slept with random on a regular and threatened death to a few. He had no respect for these women because he did a lot of paying out. It’s his fault though because those were his choice in women. From what I read that letter her sent out was about the grandmother but to the does That? No way I’d let this monster near my child..NEVER!

  6. This dude deserves the death penalty but sadly this happens alot in the black community…black men begging black women to have an abortion and at times physically harming them to do so. I have seen cats throw pregnant sistas off stairs..beat them until miscarriage…shit is really fucked up

    • Woman should stop trying to trap men with babies, period. It needs to be a mutual agreement, woman think keeping a baby will keep the men. The only way that will work is if the man loves you, if not he will hate you for the rest of your life.

      • Women are not the only one wrong, men are too for sleeping with a man RAW.. If he didn’t want children he would use protection..What has happened to you as of late..
        You are a bitter lady Lovely.. Wow stay off the boards, because you’re bitter and mean..

        • She has no man or friends.

          When your own personal life is shit people like her have to dump on others to feel better about themselves.

        • I’m not mean I just see both sides. I don’t think it was right for him to kill her but i understand how she pushed him to do so.

          You cant bully someone and be mad when they smack your azz back. When you tell a man you pregnant and he don’t want it Nor do he love you, especially if you doing it for a child support check, at that point you bulling him with that baby. If you don’t want an abortion and had so many morals, you would not be sleeping with a man with no ring to begin with and especially not a trifling man like him.

          So at the end of the day this was “when trying to be a groupie/golddigger goes wrong”.

          I think it was two trifling people that both met there match and it resulted in the mentally ill boy. They were both at fault, not just him.

          • You are an Evil Bitter Bitch.

            And this is why I always call you Stupid…that child has palsy because of the murder of his mother DUMBASS!!!

            As she was dying the oxygen was cut off to the baby which resulted in him having Brain Damage…You Fucking Moron!

            So ALL of it is that murdering POSs fault!

            Even with Stupid written on your forehead, I can understand why the obvious makes no sense to a retard like you.

            • Well I actually think your stupid. Because you can only see the action but not the reason behind the action. I take the time to try and find out why people do the things that they do. They maybe in the wrong but it’s still always something that provoked them to take action. And maybe if people learn that people can be proveked, it may save a life’s.

              I don’t care how you pur it, people are provoked to do bad things and if you the one provoking them, don’t be upset when you they target!

              Yes he should’ve been a man and manned up and just took care of his kid instead of murdering her, but she also should’ve been a woman and choose a man that truley love her, it would’ve been at the best interest for her son, and he would probably be healthy and she would probably be alive.

              • Being Brain Dead means you have nothing relevant to say…so you wrote all that for NOT.

                I don’t read BullShit from someone with the mental capacity of Dog Turd.

          • He didn’t want to pay child support, he was already paying another woman support.. You need to get the facts straight. He didn’t want another child so he hired someone to kill her.. I’m sure he has had plenty of time to reflect upon what he did.. He was a greedy grubby young man.. He lost his career and that lady lost her life.. There’s no coming back from the dead.. The powers to be let that unborn child live and the child looks exactly like him..I’m also sure the girls mother sued him from killing her daughter.. He’s still breathing and walking around.. I know I’m not the judge nor jury, but two wrongs don’t make a right.. Any who what woman fakes being pregnant??? Desperate much

      • How the fuck is a woman trying to TRAP a man that could wrap his dick up and chose not to? You act like she hit him over the head and hog tied his ass. Did her accuse her of rape? No? Then he was A WILLING PARTICIPANT. Stop letting grown men off the hook for predicaments of their own making!

        • Hey I’m not a thot protector. I’m sorry I can’t tell y’all want you want to here. Babymamas are trash. And yes the men that keep making them babymamas are dumb azz hell too. Sorry if that hurts you. But they are trash, everyone in the back of there heads thinks that no matter how nice they are to you! If a man want you he will marry you!

        • Women have more control over their bodies than anyone else when it comes to sexual intercourse. We have to swallow the BC Pill, go to the doctor get an IUD or depo shot, apply the patch or physically wrap the penis up before intercourse. WE even control whether it’s inserted unless forcibly raped and even then, you can fight back at some point. I feel that if a woman has an unwanted pregnancy, there is no excuse unless she was a victim of incest, rape or just trifling with her BC.

          • A man has Equal Responsibility.

            He can use a condom or just say NO…then he won’t have to worry about anyone “getting pregnant” on him.

        • She tried to trap him, he is still alive, she is dead. She should have listened to Rae!!

  7. If I was Ray, he served his time, redeemed his name by apologizing, that’s all he can do, he can’t bring the daughter back. His two choices was apologize and take care of the son, he offered both. So if she won’t acccept, I would move on and start a new family and let her keep the son.

    • Any woman who starts a family with this man knowing his past history has to be dumb as hell. Not only did he kill his second baby mama but he “joked” about killing his first baby mama too. He’s trash. Just throw his whole ass away.

      • Plenty of trifling men have wife’s. Y’all are delusional if you think this man ain’t gone have a bytch when he get out. He probably already got a few, including his other baby mama.

  8. Black men need to wrap it up like I understand sistas sometimes try to trap us into kids beacuse of their mammy complex but 18t years of headache isnt worth 10 minutes of pleasure. My boys REFUSE to fuck black women raw. But fuck other ethnicities raw. I ask them why and they said because most non BW are on birth control and feel like bastard kids are a disgrace …while black women will let ANYONE impregnate them

    • LMAO…You are soooo fucking stupid everything you said is BS.

      When are you going to get help for being raped? How about you go do that.

      • So you saying that black women were never labled jezebels hmmm you do know that the words thot, smut, bop, skank and hoodrat were all terms made by black men as a label for black women

    • Yep! I’ve heard plenty of black man say that. I agree and I’m a black woman.

      • You would agree with a self-hating POS, mainly because you are one as well.

        I hate Dumb Bitches that hate other women…too bad we cannot trade you for Ru Paul.

        • He trying to tell you the truth and you just don’t want to hear it. Just because you don’t want to hear it, doesn’t mean that it’s not true. Many people of all colors, including other blacks look down on black woman for being babymamas. Yes they are babymamas in every race, but black woman take the percentage and it is looked down upon. So keep lying to yourself if you want to, but the girl he killed was not his wife, girlfriend nor anyone he loved so she should not have been having sex with him anyway. She Tried to keep him in her life for ever and her plan failed. Now he bout to get out, get another bytch and have many more kids while her, her son and Her family are still paying the price. Like I said “when being a gold digger goes wrong”

          She just as guilty as him, she tried to ruin his life and he took hers. Both shady people and they both paid a hefty price for using each other.

          • I swore I said for your Dumb Ass to quit writing back to me, because I am not trying to decipher Stupid.

            If I wanted to read chicken scratch, I would go to a kindergarten class, you Dumb Ass Ignorant Bitch.

              • This is why I know you are Plum Dumb Stupid…I already told your dumb ass I am not reading it and I Don’t…you Fucking Ed Case.

                Keep dribbling slobber and wearing your helmet that is what you do best…smfh.

  9. Ya”ll Ain’t No Joke In The Comment Section 2Day!!…….#MF’s Are Getting Ethered…..Left & Right!!!

    Lol…..#And I’m Here 4 The Messiness Of It All!!!……..#Don’t Judge Me!!!

  10. I agree with the Grandmother. I’d never allow him to raise this kid. Besides it takes alot to deal with kids with Special Needs. He has Cerebal Palsey could Rae Curruth really handle this. He’s a hand full already. Who’s to say he may get impatient and snap. Kids with Special Needs require patience love and care.

    • They are only posting half the story. The Grandmother reached out to him first, he was non responsive to her request from what I read and I guess he finally responded. She said months ago that her grandson will be at his prison release whether Ray wants him there or not. So Ray responded with this bull shyt, so he don’t look any worst than he already does.

      The question is why would a loving Grandmother put this child in this situation, especially when she just said In so many words he dont care for the boy.

      That sounds like she being messy to me and Ray sound like he full of it. Because he keep saying he feels responsible, but he IS responsible. So that’s not an apology, he still covering his azz.

      None of them are sincere! Not the Grandma and not him

  11. Rae will I’ll that could he wants to go and be with those sissies

    • You damn right he gonna kill him!!! He gonna do it just for the simple fact that Jr. will still get that SSI check for the rest of his life… Rae tried to dodge a bullet as a young man… not thinking long term because at the end of the day he is still gonna pay… Rae will come home… get a regular job… & when he turns 65 & labeled a senior citizen that SSI check his son receives will be coming directly from his very own pension… The very reason he did what he did in the very beginning… He trying to avoid having to write them checks!! SMFH…
      LovelyLady… Im yet praying for you Shug!!! I think that sometimes silence is of virtue… which in this case… You didn’t get the memo!!! I followed this entire case from beginning to end… If you look up the transcripts from the trial… (Which are public record by the way) He & the Baby Mother were not even together at the time of her death… HE LURED HER TO HER DEATH… Which means… He called her and told her he wanted to work things out and asked her to go to the movies with him… She was EXTREMELY apprehensive… so much so that she even drove her own car thinking she would be safe!!! Seems to me that she knew he was a little off & had already made up in her mind that she would care for her child with or without Rae.

  12. @Anonymous Feb 20, 2018 at 12:16 lolol i guess ima lil late on this one,so ima jst look/read and see y’all on the flip side

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