Chris Brown Has a Special Message for Rihanna

chris brown rihanna

Chris Brown sent Rihanna a “Hey, big head” text in the form of an Instagram post.

Today’s the singer’s 30th birthday, and while Chris may be one of the first to wish her a happy birthday, Rih Rih is probably laid up somewhere, snuggling with her Middle Eastern boo.


  1. Awwwh Chris can’t find real love again. Can’t get Karuchhe so now he aiming for Rhianna. Lol Men will never learn, they only play them selves when they cheat. Because for some reason God designed woman to fall in love again and again and even harder but men be stuck on the same woman forever, even after they get married and have kids with someone else they still only have 1 love.

      • I don’t know how you do it, because they are definitely a lot of woman to choose from but only 2 percent of them ain’t basic. ? so that leaves you with hardly none???

          • You are a legit stalker ?

            I would tell you to go away but I don’t want you to get mad and hurt yourself.

            Remember that crazy black girl on cat fish Tracy Barbie, are you sure this ain’t you?

            • LMAO…Bitch Please!

              You are the one stalking people.

              No one else is writing 20 posts saying the same dumb shit over & over again to every post who does not agree with you talking about people who would shit on you before acknowledging your existence.

              Yeah I am going to call your Dumb Basic Busted Ass out every time you post something stupid, because you are garbage and I want to make sure you know this.

              When you finally decide to STFU…you won’t have to worry about being called out for your Sheer Stupidity. You touched in the head snaggle-faced Rat!

            • I know you don’t understand English, but No.

              In any case it, takes one to know one…you Psychotic Idiot.

  2. It’s weird when someone who tried to kill you wishes you happy birthday, but it’s been a while and he’s changed some, and bitches love birthday wishes, so it’s cute.

  3. Where did Rihanna’s bewbs come from? She looks less blessed here than in recent times.

  4. Rihanna Gave Chris Brown Herpes !!! (The reason he beat her) 100% Fact !!! P.s. 48% Of Black Women Have Herpes !!! 100% Fact !!! ~ cdc

    • You must have it…to keep putting that BS up every time you think of it.

      And we all know you got it from sucking dick, so stop hating and tell the truth.

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