Rihanna’s Secret Boo Revealed!

rihanna boyfriend saudi heir

According to sources, Rihanna’s mystery boo is none other than a Saudi businessman who belongs to one of the richest families in the world.

His name’s Hassan Jameel, and his family owns the rights to sell Toyota cars in the Middle East, and they were ranked #12 on a list of Forbes Middle East’s richest Arabs.

When his dad passed away in 1993, Hassan became the chairman of their family company, Abdul Latif Jameel Co.

“This relationship is the real deal. Rihanna has told friends she’s in love with him and seems completely smitten. They’ve been spending a lot of time together away from prying eyes and are really serious. They’re really enjoying each others’ company.”


rihanna boyfriend


  1. Rihanna got her a trick more power to her she might get pregnant and leave him anyway this ain’t gonna last long

  2. nope not going to last…just ask miss jackson if your nasty? how did that work out for her? he’s a muslim and he is NOT going to marry something like badgirl. play with her, yes, marry, nope! if a man wanted to marry rihanna she would’ve been married by now. some girls are just not marriage material just as rick james said, “she’s a girl you don’t take home to mother!” when will this girl get tired of being used for sex, a track field, and arm candy?

    • This girl has been ran through. I’m not saying the ladies in entertainment are virgins, but this girl, but this one ran out of space to notch her bed. His family will also tell him he will be cut off if he does a Jackson.

      • That’s her business. Only hood rats sit there an slander people so recklessly. You’re mad you’re not a billionaires wife

          • Why are these dirty racist arabs always screwing over our black girls? U never hear of a white american star dating them.

      • How do you know she’s been ran through? You jealous haters love throwing negative labels onto people you know looks better than you, are more successful or you know you could never have as your own. This young lady is rarely seen with a guy, unlike others who change up men every millisecond.

      • nah he’s the billionaire he could literally have any woman he wants. Rihanna has been ran thru and doesn’t exactly have the wifey type of image so I’d say she’s the one winning here

        • @ xoxo, hoodrat…Bet you been RAN THROUGH more than her and how would you know who she’s focked?BTE: Bet she will get wifed up by a multi millionaire, billionaire before you., HA!!!!

          • shut the fuck up keyboard warrior got the nerve to call someone a hood rat but your the dumb ass defending someone that doesn’t even know of your existence bitch bye !

            • LMAO @ defending someone who don’t I exist. Says the same SOMEONE who you claim to know been ran through. You sound jealous as fock.

          • Rhianna is the most desired woman in the world. Every man of every color wants her badly.
            She can have her pick, and she knows how to handle a man.
            If she wants marriage, she will get marriage. Sh is on a whole other level than any of the other women discussed here.

            “Ran through?” Oh please. She laughs at all the rich ballers and business men who drool over her. She is unattainable, hence the cream of the cream wants to attain her.

            And please do not compare her to old, fat Miss Jackson if you’re nasty. Rhianna is to Janet what Tyrese to Denzel. Rhianna is rich as Croesus on her own, and if and when she chooses it won’t be for any kind of a come up.

            • @Anon 2:30, I agree 100%.
              LMAO @ ran through, that’s always the go to, when folks are envious.

              • Envious over Rihanna ? Lmfao hell nah I’m so not to do things she had to do to get to the top nah I’m good and unlike you people I don’t worship celebrities they are human beings just like everyone else All y’all can say is she got money who the fuck cares money doesn’t buy happiness anybody can get money if the truly do work for it

        • @Xoxo, have you been doing Rihanna pussy searches? Damn, you act like you live, eat and sleep with her. And anybody clocking Rihanna THAT HARD must be a real fan..atic.

          • So true, because I can’t stand Rihanna’s music. In fact, I think her success or superstar status is built on timing, and great management. With that said, it doesn’t take way from the FACT that she is one of the most desirable young stars, A list sports superstars, rappers, millionaire, billionaire businessmen here and abroad desire/want and would wife her tomorrow. Anyone trying to label her, ‘ran through, std infected, drug addicted, blah, blah, blah is strictly going off their own personal perception, along with jealousy and envy.

            • She is a true goddess in the celebrity world. And I too am not a big fan of her music. But I have heard everyone from white frat boys, to Wall Street venture capitalists to middle class married men al say that Rhianna is the end all be all of dream women.
              I loved the way she just laughed off Kevin Durant’s crush on her. Next to Lebron, he is the biggest current star in the NBA, and she just blew him off like he was a neighborhood Pookie.

  3. She might like the pass around game. Neither one of them are American but got rich off American money so maybe they got that in common.

  4. Well if u think Chris Brown was mr.beat-a-hoe ass u havent met these arabs. They believe in smashing a hoe face in & pissing on nem. Lawdhammercy..he payin this bitch anyway but wow.

      • People are cheering Rihanna on but she is being used like a toilet by all these men, just like Naomi. No self respect whatsoever. In the end, his family will give him a simple option; her or the family money. Who do you got on that?

        • How do YOU know how much Rihanna is being used? She’s a young, beautiful, SINGLE girl and this ain’t the Victorian Age. She is free to date whomever she chooses until she’s married. Last time I checked she wasn’t. So you need to DO YOU and go back to your little ole life and stop worrying about folks that ain’t checking for you.

  5. There are some women you don’t bring home to your family and she is definitively one of them. A muslim family no less. She will be repudiated and never accepted. Dude may like her but everyone likes money better. She is also permanently branded with herpes.

  6. Would he frolic with a muslim woman like this in public? I am always confused about what is acceptable for these muslim men but not for women. Doesn’t the religion change depending on what country its practiced?

    • Not all muslim women are made to abide by the same standards as in what they wear, etc. These guys play with other women and rarely marry westerners in the end.

    • They weren’t “frolicking in public.” Have you not heard of telephoto lenses? Thy were in a private pool alone.

  7. she thought leonardo dicaprio was going to claim her as his girlfriend but how did that work out? he wouldn’t even take her to the oscars. he used her and threw her away just like all the other men she’s bedded and just like this one will. this girl must be broke again! too bad she can’t see she deserves so much more than this.

      • I swear, crabs make my ass hurt. I have never seen so many can’t stand to see other folks happy asses in my LIFE! You can tell folks that don’t have anything going on for themselves because they’re always trying to bring other folks down.

  8. Would you all prefer that she mess with ray ray who has multiple kids and is sitting in his mothers basement with dreams of becoming a rapper? Rhianna is a superstar. This is the type of man that she should be dating. Hating ass men on this site. Get your money up and stop being jealous!

    • jealous? bye boo and bye felicia. you know the girl has a lot of tread marks on her and that’s just the plain simple truth! she goes through a lot of men just like leo goes through a lot of models. yes, women are judged differently then men and that’s just a fact of life you have to deal with and there’s nothing you can do about it. if she was dating tyronne we would say the same thing. period. end stop! she came from an abusive father and had a relationship with an abusive man and now she’s messing with the muslims that will NOT TOLERATE a naked nipple pierced woman showing off her body all over the net. his family will stop it by the weekend or should i say the 4th of july because it’s a holiday and will let him play with his new shinny toy until then. sharia law will not allow this union, she is used goods and not proper for his family. again, ask ms. jackson how did it work out for her?

      • My goodness is the jealousy oozing out of your pores. You mean to tell me that you would pass up the opportunity to date a billionaire? You would outright say no without getting to know him? She’s seems happy and if she likes it then I love it!

    • I’d rather for her to marry a Barbadous man who share her culture. Does she think she is too good for them?

      • LOL!!!! That’s right! Watch her hop of the first flight back to the States when he says to her, “your wearing that? no, here put this black robe on and cover your face!”

        • Janet tried and nah, I’m outta here. They do this when they get you, not before they get you.

          • I bet if you mess up and go outside over there in regular American clothes all them wild animals, they call men, would all rape you.

            just say no to arabs and their lousy country/culture. too uncivilized. too dangerous.

  9. I think this will not end well for her. And no, I’m not envious / jealous. Just because you express an opinion that is not brown nosing on Rihanna, does not mean you are feeling bitter. I would like to see her finally settle down and be happy, but this dude is not it and she will hurt herself in the end. Nobody wants to see that. Don’t speak ill of him when it does happen because we already know he’s chasing after famous women and the next one will be famous too.

    • these damn arabs hate anyone who has ever said,

      I love Jesus

      they’ll kill you for just saying that. she better stay away from that clown. he probably cant even eat the box.

    • No we aint. Black women get onto an argument and then yell “suck my dick nigga!” Lol get real

  10. What? Yall ain’t calling her a sellout, hates her mama, or a self hater? The hypocrisy is unreal. Smh

    • Shut Up punk.

      She is from barbados so she can screw whoever she wants, why should anyone care?

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