Debra Lee’s Days at BET are Numbered!

Last month rumors were swirling about the exit of BET CEO, Debra Lee from the network.

Word now is that you can expect her departure much sooner than later.

According to Page Six:

“Tons of people from Viacom were saying that her days are numbered.”

“She’s been running the place, and it’s struggling . . . There are so many layers of internal politics . . . It takes 20 calls to get through one insignificant thing.”

“I hear it’s about to go down, and it’s her last BET Awards . . . Morale is bad. She moved to LA, and I believe she’s trying to get into one of the studios.”


  1. Translation, Debra Leevil pissed off some high level white executive at Viacom. Don’t worry about Cruella De Vil (Watch the Boondocks), she has a law degree from Harvard and she is boule. Somebody will hire her.

  2. No. Tell the truth. Debra was promised (as many silly black ppl were) by Hillary Clinton a spot within her administration that never happened lol. So debra used Bet to shill 4 Hillary & it was a yuge failure. Debras days have been numbered she was supposed to ride off in the sunset with Crooked Hillary, let her go to L.A and TRY to boss some of those jhews around HA!

    • I believe that. Dirty negroes in high places think GOVT is about their PERSONAL ambition, NOT SERVING THE VOTERS. That’s why most of them dont need to be in public office.

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