Brandy and New Boyfriend Call It Quits?

brandy new boyfriend

It looks like Brandy and her boyfriend, Sir the Baptist, have called it quits.

Brandy barely went public with their relationship back in May, and sh*t has already hit the fan!

The singer posted this message on her IG right before deleting all the photos of Sir from her profile.

Well, it’s a good thing she’s not pregnant afterall, right?


  1. Well that was over faster than I thought it would be lmao. He was using her for publicity as idk the man’s sexuality but he looks like he got sugar in his tank ..

  2. She tries to hard but has never lost that nasty edge to her personality. Every time I see her I just keep seeing Whitley handing her that note and watching her expression as she read it. Creepy!!!!!

    • exactly!!! what was so secretive that she can’t let us know what was in the note…

      • Th note was for Ray Jay and it said that she needed more blow. Y’all act like it was some cry for help or something.

        truth: Whitney loved Clive like a daddy. You may not want to hear that, but it;s true.

  3. Since Brandy as a type Sir William G. McCray III is available, I think.

  4. None of these hoes can ever keep a man. All of these women (and men) in hollyweird have deep seated psychological issues, and are a absolute menace and hassle to put up with.

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