Cyn Santana Versus Yes Julz

The Battle of the little known…

Joe Budden and his ride or die Cyn Santana are currently in the midst of a Twitter battle with social media personality YesJulz after Julz chimed in on Budden’s near tussle with the Migos during last night’s BET Awards. When a follower asked Julz what she thought of the situation she caught a sudden case of amnesia and responded, “Who?”

In no time, Cyn pulled up in Julz mentions with some receipts. “The dude u were beggin to save u via texts when all of twitter was destroyin u,” she writes, referencing a recent incident where Julz (who is white) was dropped from several festival appearances over a racist tweet. Joe even published text screenshotswhere Julz allegedly asked him to save her from getting dragged.

Julz then offers her explanation on why she’s now at odds with Budden.

Joe also had something to say with regards to Julz and her alleged plastic surgery. Julz hit back, claiming Joe was once thirsty for her and wanted her as his love interest on Love & Hip Hop before Cyn.

It gets nastier, though. Julz goes on to allege that Joe once tried to return a pair of worn sweatpants to the expensive athletic store Kith…a story unheard of until today.

Cyn, on the other hands, says she’s past the point of talking with Julz. She also added a dash of humor and clocked her man on those ridiculously price sweats.

Turns out, Chrissy Teigen is equally confused about this beef as the rest of us.

Meanwhile, Black Twitter immediately saw YesJulz’s name trending and is waiting to jump in.


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