Brandy Introduces Her New Boo on Instagram

brandy new boyfriend

Brandy has a new boyfriend, and she’s finally introducing him to her Instagram followers.

His name is Sir William James The Baptist, and he calls himself the “Hip-Hop Chaplain.”



    • Took the words right out of my mouth. I bet his Fruit of the Loom got some extra fruit in them.

  1. She is the most godless person on the face of this earth. Check her bible study receipts on THIS website where she shows up at churches after playing Warcraft for hours on end stirring up trouble….

  2. My senses detect, that this is a “woman”..???….Or that he is gay???…..Something “seems off”….

  3. Why is he cursung out of one side of his mouth and calling his self a saint out the other?
    Why does he have a man bun?
    Why does he have a bird chest and a soft stomach?
    Why is she all over him in every pic, but he looks disgusted by her?
    Why she put them big, dirty boots on him?
    Why he frowning at the camera?
    Why they got on the same jeans?
    Why she bring him out da closet?

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