Forbes’: Hip-Hop’s Top 5 Wealthiest Artists 2017

Forbes Magazine has dropped their yearly list of the wealthiest musicians in Hip Hop and it seems like Diddy has some competition..

According to Forbes:

Jay Z’s fortune has jumped 30% in the past year after a $200
million investment from Sprint reportedly put the valuation
of his music-streaming service, Tidal, at $600 million, more
than 10 times what he paid for the company two years ago.
Which rapper will hit billionaire status first? Hard to say.
Diddy has a lucrative Cîroc vodka deal with Diageo, while Jay
Z augments his portfolio with a champagne brand, Armand de
Brignac, and a growing entertainment company, Roc Nation.
Jay Z tops Andre “Dr. Dre” Young in the rankings for the
first time since 2014, the year the super producer sold Beats
to Apple for $3 billion—and promptly boasted about his
improved perch on our list in a grainy YouTube video. “They
need to update the Forbes list,” pal Tyrese Gibson opined,
prompting Dre to add: “In a big way. Understand that!”

Check out the list Forbes came with below:

1. #Diddy $820m
2. #JayZ $810m
3. #DrDre $740m
4. #Birdman $110M
5. #Drake $90M


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  2. Hell Yeah! Gay Z and nothing but smoke in mirrors! I don’t believe anything about him or his thieving wife!

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  5. How much money have these rappers donated to HBCU’s? How much money have these rappers donated to the black community? How many jobs have these rappers created for black people? Don’t worry I’ll wait.

    • You will be dead waiting…

      They ain’t trying to bring anyone up behind them, you already know the game.

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