Bow Wow Responds After Fake Flexin’ Backlash

bow wow responds private jet

Bow Wow finally came out of hiding after getting dragged all over the Internet for lying about flying in a private jet.

Bow took to his Instagram live to say he didn’t know his fake flexin’ was making the news, and there was nothing for him to address.

He then left his followers with this quote:

“I been doing this s*** for too long. It take a second to hate, but it take you a lifetime to make $500k. You make $500k then talk to me.”

He then went on the radio to say you have to watch Growing Up Hip Hop to see why he tried to floss with the private jet. Now he’s trying to pass it off as a marketing tactic *rolls eyes*


  1. bow you shouldve just be quiet. If thats what you was going to say. Its nice to see you got the show to agree to clean it up, but….

  2. Not a rapper singer, not credible as an actor and his time in the limelight has passed him bye. $500K is chump change in that world. He’s still young at 30. He needs to forget about that life and go to school or something.

    • They gave wealthy black men losing 200-400 millions of dollars.. How in the hell do you blow that kind of money.. They need to be on the street poor as the average working person..
      It’s a disgrace the way they waste money.. That’s a whole lot of money to blow..ljs

  3. Bow Wow is going to suffer the same fate as Tevin Campbell. I don’t feel sorry for him! Stay in school boys and girls; don’t make the same mistake as Bow Wow. #WhereHisDogsAt?

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