Rihanna Caught Kissing a Mystery Man



    Rihanna was caught shoving her tongue down the throat of a mystery man.

    Her makeout session was with a guy who sources believe is her “new boyfriend.” They were going at it in a pool and spotted by paparazzi.

    The photo was taken in Spain where the two were vacationing in a posh villa.

    Who do you think he is?

    Hollywood Street King on Instagram
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      • Maybe he has it already too.

        People’s Health problems isn’t anything to make jokes about. I pray o never catch that because I’m sure it’s tough.

        • Joking? If a person has an STD and you don’t, they better disclose it. At least the world knows Sheen and Carey are STD factories and you don’t want your health compromised in any way. Look what Chris did to her for not disclosing her condition. I hope for her sake this dude has it too and it’s not crying in surprise later on. STD’s are no joke and those that carry should disclose but that’s not always the case.

          • That wasn’t the issue the issue is that you’re making fun of a person’s illness and marking them as unlovable. You don’t even kbow his status he could have herpes too or eBen aids. But you’re so jealous of other black women finding happiness that you could carel less you just want to demonize someone black like you and female.

    1. If he was meeting her family, I’d say it was serious. What photographer was peeping through the bushes in Spain for this snap??????

      • How do you know he doesn’t have something too?

        Jealous ass loser. I hate black men I hope yall die.

      • There is a new study that says a woman’s DNA carries part of every man she’s been with. Imagine the guys with STD. It’s no joking matter but your health is precious and people that are carrier need to use protection and inform their partners before they lay down with them.

    2. Rihanna has the herp, and this guy likely does too. Most famous, and rich people have the herpe due to factors that most of us here are already aware of… I just find it odd that for some reason, these rich and famous folks just can’t practice safe sex, or have enough money to afford or fund a real cure for their shit.

      • Condoms do not prevent herpes. The pill doesn’t prevent herpes. An IUD doesn’t prevent herpes. That is why most of us have it–whether we admit it or not.

        It’s far from the end of the world. It’s manageable and I am fine with it now that there are meds to keep the virus from shedding. I am sure that Rhianna is on the same drug, so I doubt that she is passing it to her new boo.

        Oh, and I got it from my HUSBAND after we were married. The doctor assured me that he had been carrying the virus for many years and was unaware that he even had it.

        You guys need to chill on herpes shaming. It’s practically unpreventable unless you remain a virgin, and how many of those do you think there are here?

    3. Herpes is a skin to skin virus…which means all that need be done to catch it is skin to skin contact i.e kissing HSV I or genital grinding for HSV II…

      That is why Herpes (HSV) and HPV (warts) are the most common diseases to catch because they can be caught EVEN WITH a condom. Skin to Skin contact means just that healthy skin up against herp or wart infected skin and a sore is not always present when the transfer takes place.

      • Thank you for spreading the word that herpes is not the result of reckless sex.

        The way people talk in here you would think that herpes was the scarlet letter of shame.
        I’m starting to wonder f those people even HAVE a sex life, because 60% of those under 40 have it, so if you are lucky enough to not have it you are in the minority.

        I suppose it’s just a lack of education that leads to the many myths.
        Condoms prevent many things, but herpes ain’t one of them.


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