Wendy Williams Shades TF Out of Beyonce, J LO, Janet & Fergie

wendy williams beyonce fergie

Wendy Williams is feeling better and back to her shady ways! In response to Fergie butchering the National Anthem at the NBA All-Star game, the talk show host gave her list of singers who can’t perform “raw dog” without being auto-tuned. Then, she gives her list of her favorite singers who can blow.


She lost us at Mariah TBH…


  1. Outside of her husband possibly poisoning her…I just figured out why she might be sick.

    She has had those same bags on her chest for close to 30 yrs and they might be toxic by now or leaking… time to scrape them out!

  2. She is right but I disagree with Beyonce (not a fan of hers) needing auto tune. The problem with her is that she doesn’t do full songs in concerts. She stretches out the songs by stretching out the lyrics, she sashays on stage, stops and talks tot he audience, starts again, for 15 minutes one song. On her albums she actually has strong vocals.

    MC has lost her vocal power which is why she falters in live shows and needs to lip sync. J-Lo is similar to Beyonce with her live shows but needs support on the actual record.

    If you listen to Fergie during the BEP days, I don’t hear much auto tune in her voice.

    Janet has always had a soft voice so I don’t know about her needing auto tune since she rarely has new music. Her old music has no auto tune.

  3. Wendy was right about JLo, that bitch can’t sing (She also can’t act)! Don’t forget, JLo once said the N word.

  4. This woMAN needs to STFU. Fergie bland ass can’t sing for shit, she thought she was somebody cause she was with the BLACK eyed peas. JHO never could sing,dancing was always her thing no auto tune necessary. J.J. is only famous because she’s a legendary scandalous ass Jackson. Bey can sing her old ass off, although she over does it a lot tho…..the auto tune should’ve died when Roger Troutman did. Wendrick needs to be more concern with that illegitimate child her sorry ass husband is about drop via his jumpoff…..allegedly!

  5. Wendell needs to stop it…projecting your self hate/MK ultra programming onto others isn’t taking the high road. The vocal chakra is delicate and it changes over time…very unladylike to continue the chit charade. Ratings and health aside, enough with the toxic BS–my mother watches that mess. Psychopathy is supposed is level off at the age of 50…smh. If I had dewclaws on my hands I’d give ya 4 four thumbs down.

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