Jill Scott’s Thirstin’ for 50 Cent?

50 cent jill scott

50 Cent posted a shirtless photo on his Instagram, and Jill Scott slid into the comment’s section. Judging by her reply, it looks like the singer is trying to shoot her shot!

jill scott 50 cent picture

Is Jill plotting to make 50 her third husband?


  1. 50 is fine to me too. I just don’t understand how he went from appearing to be one of the best entertainment fathers to one of the worst over night.

    He will be even more of a turn on when he makes up with his oldest son.

    • They know they need somebody strong.

      They are usually in staunch denial of their own body image.

  2. Went to a party once and Fif was there..

    For all you talking about his mug- okay, I get it. But when I say that he has a type of way- a swag- about him…. hunniee…

    Yes Lawd- I would ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.

    He has a powerful presence that commands the room and gives off great energy.

  3. This reminds me, unless you’re the Rock or someone, getting that big makes you look zesty and corny. Especially if you’re an office worker. What do you need to get big for? And getting big doesn’t even mean you’re that strong.

    What’s really zesty is a group of dudes that look like that standing together. There’s all these dudes taking pics with their shirts off lookin like a downlow party.

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