Mo’Nique Checks Radio Host Sana G Live On Air!

monique radio host sana g

Mo’Nique went in on radio host Sana G for refusing to acknowledge here when she entered the radio station. Fast forward to the 4:10 mark to see Mo’Nique gather Sana and give her an etiquette lesson.


  1. This is old news. She should have checked her in person when it happened instead of waiting to go live (for public humiliation?) on air. I didn’t like how she chose to operate.

  2. This is why she isn’t getting her money or roles…too combative and argumentative. She’s too in your face. All these people can’t be wrong Monique about your attitude. If they’re saying the same thing about you then YOU may want to examine yourself and work on that “angry” tone that you project.

  3. Good ‘ol ‘Divide and Conquer’ routine. This is common in the baby boomer generation–and akin to the dark/light BS theory. There’s more than one way to have cake…some people like their cucumbers pickled as well. The ‘notice me’ skit no longer applies to the current generation. That attack dog method is a turn off and respect is given when it’s reciprocated, and due. Over 50? Feeling entitled much? Bitter? There’s a pill for that–

  4. MoNique had a career because there’s a market for appealing to bbw. She’s not funny. She also participated in one of the most racist films ever made.

    The career fooled her and gassed her up. But now there’s more people targeting the bbw market, and their content and productions are good. She needs to chill and invest what she got. Start a production company. And call Tyler Perry, if he even messes with her.

  5. They gave her that Oscar to get rid of her. She’s not funny and comes off as a bully. Hollywood doesn’t want to be bothered.

  6. I disagree, Monique is funny and is very talented. Please understand that hollywood doesn’t care about talent, they care about obedience, soul sacrificing and disgusting, devilish sex! Monique’s hollywood career is over, that’s not a bad thing. She should stick to the chitlin circuit.

  7. What she did was show everyone who she truly is. It’s a time and place for everything but Mo wants to be right instead of productive. “The truth is what I say it is” complex. You didn’t acknowledge me in a way I felt was acceptable so you’re bad and I’m good. The truth is if you’re on my show, my employees acknowledge you but inviting u on my show. I respected you by listening to you, no more no less. I’m over it.

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