Kanye West Reveals Admiration For Caitlyn Jenner [Video]


Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West dropped by for a visit to the Caitlyn Jenner set. The couple arrived midway through the premiere episode. Kim greeted Bruce enthusiastically, telling her that she looked beautiful, while Kanye West respectfully stayed back until Caitlyn introduced him to her sisters and mother.

They talked for several minutes, catching up with each other’s lives. At one point, Kim exclaimed how skinny Caitlyn has gotten.

“You literally look like Kendall,” she gushed. “Like Kendall’s mom.”

It was then that Kanye spoke out about his admiration for what Caitlyn has done, and is still doing, just to be true to herself.

“I think it’s one of the strongest things that have happened in our…existence as human beings that are so controlled by perception,” Kanye said.

“‘Cause you couldn’t have been up against more,” the Jesus Walks rapper continued. “Your daughter’s a supermodel, you’re a celebrity…every type of thing, and it was still like, ‘F*** everybody, this is who I am.’”



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  1. Bruce looks awful who wantsvto phukk a old ass fag in the ass and this is encouraged now.everybodu got to be gay now. Well if anybody wannavrip bruce avnew one sickening

    • @CC, IKR?

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  2. Something really went wrong in Kanye’s life. I’m not sure if it was the death of his mother. He needs Jesus.

  3. I appreciate the love and support Kanye is giving this white Queen Caitlyn. I can not remember the last time I have seen him so plugged into anything and his dedication to this family is astounding. He went from The College Dropout to this!

  4. Something tells me Kanye is in aw of Caitlyn because she is doing something Kanye wishes he can do: come out to the world and share who you really are. No strings attached. Just sayin’ about Kanye.

    • Yeah koonye happy Bruce did it first that makes things far more easier for him to Have us watch him nae nae out the closet too… For future references … Faggots!

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  5. I don’t think it’s like that,I’m of the opinion that, Kanye wants to be worshipped n respected by the white media and its eluding him,which must be frustrating for him.
    Whereas Bruce can turn into Caitlyn and seemingly, be accepted and applauded for it…

  6. This is all part of an agenda. Brucilla is a media whore who was paid $5 million to do the show. I’m sure the show is scripted and Kanye had to say what he said. I’m sure Brucilla is doing this to get back at Kris for leaving him for Corey Gamble. Lol

  7. Caitlyn is the Executive Producer for the show. Meaning she pays for that show. There were concerns, from her children, and from others about the show perhaps causing family problems, and conflicts with public. The show so far is tasteful. I hope Caitlyn will be a voice for the Transgender youth especially.
    Kanye well I think most know his and Kim’s marriage was pre-arranged to benefit both of them. Children for her as she is competitive with Kourtney. And a coincidence that she made sure her first baby was born before Reggie Bush’s now wife??
    Labor was induced?? Probably. She wasn’t going to let Reggie Bush get first attention with media.
    Kanye benefits by presenting himself as a male who likes woman and a family man now.
    We and most know he is status . So who are they fooling?
    I think he is still in relationship with the French designer. For sure.
    Do they live together at times for the media and dumb fans??

  8. It’s sicken how Brucila is getting all attention, and all the praise. Can’t people remember he killed someone with his car last year, yet the white media is awarding this man like he’s some type of god.
    Lavern Cox is trans but she/he doesn’t get all the attention or praise. It’s just Brucilla’s white, if black trans killed someone with their car, you best believe the white media would go after them!. They would go on and go about it. but they don’t do that with Brucila.

    • Bruce will get his. At some point he will be standing in front of our Heavenly Father & the victims where he will be judged

      • @Freddie Mercury & Andy Gibb 4EVER

        I get what your saying, but that’s not the point. Brucilla actually killed someone with his car, she was Brucilla’s friend after all. Even her family are pissed about Brucilla not getting arrested for the incident.

        still he get’s awarding with a realty show and a trophy, but if a black trans killed someone with their car, the white media would go on the attack like they did to Oj Simpson and Chris Brown.

      • Remember Brandy killed someone with her car back in 2007, but still people are talking about it! just because she’s not relevant enough the media still remembers.
        And in any given moment they will bring it up, but they don’t do that with Brucila, is like Brucilla is a victim or something. It’s just sickening!!

        • Are you not looking at the pic of Caitlyn?? This dude already lost at life. If being a man wearing a wig and fake breasts (because he thinks he’s a woman in spirit) is not living in hell…..I don’t know what is or what punishment can be worse.

        • I think white people feel sorry for him and realize the more they talk about him the more they give him exposure and they want this to disappear because they’re embarrassed. He is making whites look bad and unlike Black people, whites don’t play that humiliation on a world stage bullshit. They are going to throw him a couple of awards to show the world that they are not transphobic then forget this weirdo exists.

  9. I get what you saying,but remember,Brandy was not charged with any crime after Los Angeles police ruled there was “insufficient evidence”. However she did reach a financial agreement with the two sons,while the father,rejected her settlement.

    As for Bruce,it seems his vehicular indiscretions have been swept under the rug-atleast fo now.

  10. Kanye was so disrespectful to curse in front of those older ladies like that. Also what is wrong with Bruce’s mouth? It looks weird.

  11. READ: 1ST JOHN 2:15, & ROMANS 12:2!


    “U” HEARRRD???”


    YOU KNOW WHO I AM! 😉 laughing! …

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