K. Michelle vs. Tamar Braxton: Plastic Surgery Beef

k michelle tamar braxton beef

K. Michelle and Tamar Braxton have been beefing for years, and it looks like their feud has been reignited. It all start when Steve Harvey talked about K’s recent booty injection fail. He then asked Tamar, Brooke Burke, and Tami Roman their thoughts on plastic surgery, and Tamar said ladies need to stop going to Groupon to look for cheap surgery deals.

Tamar didn’t mention anyone’s name, she was talking in general, right? Well, K took offense to her comment anyway and sent out these tweets:

k michelle tamar

k michelle tamar braxton

So K has beefed with her ex-BFF Jonathan and Tamar within the past week, all while she’s recovering from blood transfusions and a surgery.

Priorities, people!


  1. All of that plastic surgery and K Michelle still looks like a centaur; she really looks half horse and half human. And Tamar really does look like a Muppet; not Miss Piggy but rather Fozzy Bear.

  2. This isht is crazy. All these cops killing young black people out here and we got black women beefing with each other about whose fake azz is higher quality.

  3. These are problems to be found only (mainly) in America. I can’t think of any such cases in the UK – not ‘hating’, just ‘stating’.

  4. Instead of starting beef she needs to be a adult and focus on her healing. They both look horrible so who cares

  5. Somebody ANYBODY needs to do PSA about NOT getting plastic surgery. It’s dangerous, it’s obvious and it’s expensive…i don’t get it.

  6. They can hash out their problems at the next satanic ritual gathering. Eat each other out then do a blood sacrifice.

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