K Michelle Gets Dragged by Ex-BFF: She’s a Selfish Miserable Person!

k michelle jonathan fight

After K Michelle revealed she was in the hospital after her butt injections took a turn for the worst, the singer also made an Instagram post saying she realized who her fake friends were during her health crisis.

When asked if her BFF Jonathan – who regularly made appearances on her reality TV show – had gone to check up on her, K had this to say.

kmichelle 1

kmichelle 2

And Jonathan clapped back and DRAGGED her in the process:

kmichelle 3

Whose side are you on?


  1. K Michelle needs to grow up! Ain’t nobody about to lose their job chasing after a rich person. If Johnathan wasn’t there when she injected that poison in her butt, then it’s not his responsibility to drop everything when she gets it taken out. Btw I love her music!

  2. who lists the names of their best friends on instagram? yeah he fake af. but K Michelle dont rele have no friends because she too erratic, needy, and will turn on u also. So they both bitches thats why they were “friends”. But K should already know, when it come to this reality tv game, BITCH YOU HAVE NO FRIENDS, everybody out for #1…ask MiMi.

    • Truly…I’m late (allergies are awful–Benadryl is a DL roofie..)I love K Michelle, been a fan when she was on Myspace (a troll/virus trap) back in ’05…We are all ‘throwed off’ as humanity is concerned…BUT when she was on VH1, I peeped ol’ boy, and melanin magic sense was:
      1. Dude was a hatin’ ass hag fag…His peeps were probably telling him in his ear at his mami’s house he shouldn’t be her towelboy/go get it gopher–some folks have issues with ‘entitlement’, aka “I Should Be on that stage instead of in the hall mirror lip syncing..”
      2. That relaxer in his hair has burned his brain, and he probably rode her coattail like a dog licking its own ass, and had her credit card/money phuckin’ up her shit like its his-buster
      3. He looks a lil’ schizy…that beard can’t cover up those karposi spots for too much longer, bruh.
      It’s a blessing to be employed by anyone these days (UPS, Ross Dress 4 Less, or a celebrity). Work ethic and integrity matter still–when the going got too tough for Joanna, he got gone. My motto has always been, “I have no friends, but a few associates. I was born alone, and will die alone.”

  3. Ion no. When im super sick all i wanna see are my mom and my kids..thats it. Ion care about entertaining friends. Just getting well. You cant continue to concern your self with trival matters when your ill. The entire episode sounds shallow and spun for attention..

  4. K Michele, the world does not revolve around YOU! Like I told my children, you never know what’s going on in someone else’s life…even if they are your best friend, even family, you just never know. Grow up KM and get out of your feelings, you’re not 3 years old anymore!

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