Y’all, Tristan Thompson Was Raw Doggin’ His Side Piece

tristan thompson cheating unprotected sex

Sources say Tristan and his NYC side piece, Tania, had been seeing each other for months. And the worst part about their fling is they had unprotected sex during their hookup at the Four Seasons.

“In the morning, they swapped numbers for a potential round two. And the woman heard from Tristan right away — but he wasn’t looking for another hookup. He wanted to make sure she didn’t get pregnant! ‘He texted her, ‘Do you have Plan B?’”

He also flew her out in February to go to one of his games. “He paid for her flight,” the source said. “And she slept over again.”



  1. Now do y’all believe that these fools out here are just squirrels looking for nuts???

    Keep your cookies locked up or at least in a plastic bag. I keep mine locked up cuz I dont want them crushed ?


  2. So is she pregnant or not. It was initially reported he got a third woman pregnant. Tristan wanted out. He looks like he was never really in it with Khloe and then trap baby came along.

  3. I guess people are not afraid of His and Aids and other diseases that come from unprotected sex you got to be kidding me if having a baby by a star are having sex with any one unprotected is worth it .

  4. Is the newborn baby his?
    If so, was it made in a petri dish?
    Why are all the sisters with babies by black men now?
    Is the plan for the children to have a KKK show until 2030?
    Who will be the manager in charge?
    Finally, WHO CARES?

    • Why are you black women the FIRST ones to call a black man gay? To disrespect him? I don’t understand it.

      Is it because yall befriend actual gay black men so easily? Just because gays have infiltrated certain CITIES doesn’t mean the numbers have increased.

      Or because yall are more likely to engage in safe homosexuality(lesbianism)?

  5. Brothers just date Kardashians for the name and the fame. They don’t care about them. Sad, all that money and nobody wants them.

  6. Rainbow outfit✔
    Half died damaged beyond repair hair✔
    Bottled water for thot thirst✔
    No morals in sight✔✔

    There you have it folks THE TRAP A NBA NIGGA STARTER KIT

  7. Tea Tea, yes he’s raw doggin his sidepiece just like you..with millions in the bank no girl would have it any other way.

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