Kim & Kanye Make Out to Silence the Haters

kim kanye kiss

Kim and her wig took to her Snapchat to show the haters that Kanye’s NOT in the sunken place and they’re still happy and in love.

In the video, Kim asks Kanye what he wants to do that night, before sitting on his lap and giving her followers a show.


  1. Fake publicity stunts for a fake relationship that no one even cares about.

    What these people wont do to trend for 30 seconds…

  2. Poor Lil’ Lobotomized Kanye…….Gone Forever…….Will Never Be The Same Again!!!

  3. Ummm how does this silence the haters? He’s her flunky and will do just about anything she says..thats what robot sunken place niggas do.

  4. His hair looks like a chia pet and that looks staged af. That whole family is plastic and even made their own robot, Kanye. Can’t say I feel sorry for him tho ?‍♀️

    • You always “just ate.”

      That’s why you have no free time or man or woman.

      U can talk to me about it though.

  5. Ok One he is not even there anymore 2 he likes men and three this is on display for what?

  6. lol why dont she tell people how Kris Jenner is in controll of ALL Kanyes finances. Kim & her mother are 100% in total control of Kanyes $$$. Lol if only people rele knew….

  7. Kim is a beautiful girl.?
    Maybe Kanye has issues.⌛
    But they seem happy.?
    Let them live.???

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