Amber Rose: I Get Naked Around My Son

amber rose son naked

Amber Rose told Us Weekly that she wants her son to grow up to be a feminist, and she has no problem with getting him acquainted with the female body even though he’s only 5.

“Well he just turned 5. But I do have, like, naked women all over my house. Like, pictures of vaginas, full-on vaginas. And so, like, my son, he sees so much and I’m very free with my body. I walk around naked around my son all the time. I don’t [stop him when] he walks in a room, I don’t go, ‘Don’t come in! Mommy’s getting changed!’ I don’t make it a bad thing where he’s like, ‘Oh, I’m sorry!’ It’s just like, ‘Oh, my mom’s naked. Who cares.’ You know what I mean?” – Amber Rose

She also explained her son is already knowledgeable about female body parts.

“When his friends come over for playdates, they’re like, ‘What!’ They’re looking at all the pictures and stuff, but, like, my son says, ‘It’s a vagina. That’s where babies come from.’ My son knows about periods. He knows all that. He knows everything.” – Amber Rose


  1. It seems creepy but…..

    Maybe it’s just a ratchet way for her to turn her son str8 since she obviously can see gay tendencies in him.

    Saturate him with vaginas galore and he STILL might be sick of vaginas and craving dick. I see what the ratchet abomination is tryin to do. Good luck amber. GOD doesn’t like gay ppl but he knows ppl r gonna do those disgusting acts anyway.

    • Its not that Good doesn’t like gay people God loves people more than anything that’s why he came down to die for us that will know the truth God hates sin and for her walking around nude and teaching him about the female body parts is not going to help him not be gay I don’t know if he is gay are not he is still a child but that’s not going to help that can sometimes do the opposite of what she is trying to do.

      • She’s his mother though….she knows.

        Amber is a free spirit. Her ratchet, syrupy, and masculine voice doesn’t match her face but oh well. She shoulda kept that to herself though.

        • So if a bw would dare pull this then we would be all types of degenerate and disrespectful but this hoe here is a ..lemme get this straight..”free spirit”? ??

            • Didn’t you tell somebody not to call your dumb ass dummy? Watch it DO KNOW what time it is.

              You sure as hell w asnt bashing her funky ass like you do us. Stop fronting. Don’t make me bust out the definition on yo ass as opposed to the words you use to describe us. Bitch ass!

    • When it’s normalized as a child, later in year it doesn’t become a desire. There is no mystery, we as straight men wanted to all find out the mystery of the woman. She might wanna consider chillin out and place those physical boundaries now… because shes increasing the odds that he’ll either become a rapist or gay.

      • Bone of my brothers are really our gay. Matter of fact all of them are happily married for the 2 youngest of 11. We were taught at home so there’s no shame. I was raised in a house where men could buy sanitaries without blinking a eye or feeling like they have to explain…

  2. She could be teaching him to be a free thinker and not ashamed of something as natural as being naked …… It’s nothing wrong with a child seeing his mother naked …..we have been conditioned to be scared and fearful of everything, you guys are caught up on morals that religion , church, and society taught you .we have been totally brainwashed and manipulated .because the elite has no morals,they rape and kill us everyday with no remorse or consequence ,our ancestors barely wore clothes ,and the sad part is white people have sex with they kids and make them participate in all kinds of rituals, and they still groom them to believe they are superior to us ,but we caught up on some dam clothes .Fuck the dum shit ,teach them how to be mentally strong and respect and love every black woman jus like his mother no matter what walk of life they come from ……Teach him to love and embrace himself whatever his flaws maybe good ,bad ,and indifferent Know Thyself Love and Light

    • Get away from the conspiracy youtube videos. The elite is only a small sliver of american society.

      Look at the bible from a distance. Don’t read it word for word because it will contradict itself. It deals with a lot of parables, but it makes complete sense.

      But your last sentence was on point because knowin how GOD works i know ppl r born gay.

    • Free think my ass. This is a child he don’t need to be seeing females naked and knowing about periods wtf.

      • Why?! So some other dumbass can teach him if he kisses a girl she could get pregnant? Or better yet what a std is? Because of this stigma is the reason why most ofthis generation has been failed…smh

  3. a little Mother Fucker in the making… Watch what happens when he turns into a teen and she’s doin that shit in 3…2…1

    nasty ass neanderthal bitch.

    • @Anon 15:05

      Yep…….When He Gets Older His Ass Is Going To Be Thinking That He Can Walk In Anyone’s Private Space When They Are Getting Dressed/Undressed OR Taking A Shower/Bath When He Feels Like It.

      She Is Teaching Him To NOT Respect A Person’s Personal Space…..Basically, Self-Entitlement.

      • This reminds me of a youtube video I used in a short doc I made, where this white female mother and her adult son living in the same house saw each other naked by accident and from that one incident they then decided to start fucking on the regular and even had a relationship. You’re right, she’s teaching hin to have no boundaries – all types of fucked up psychopathy stems from that.

  4. So when that boy hits puberty and has all these weird feelings about her naked ass I don’t wanna hear her bullshit meltdown on Twitter. You did it to yourself baldie.

  5. Isn’t this how you make a killer and by the way no one is born gay and why do people think that it’s all conspiracy theories most of this stuff is true wake up realize the world that you live in everything is not made of glitter and sparkles and unicorns.

  6. Bald headed stupid bitch is fucking sick. There is no way a little 5 year old boy should know about periods and vaginas. Childrens minds should stay innocent. She’s not only exposing female genitalia to her son but his friends as well. That hoe is perverted and child services need to be contacted.

  7. This is one of many reasons for black people not to date whites or whitish people.

  8. Feminist = Lesbianism !!! 100% Fact !!! ~ Everyone Call Child Protective Services Right Now !!!

  9. Cute little butterball kid, but who’s da Pappy? Well if this is Wiz’s kid then he’s the only adult non midget man I know who’s toddler weights more than he does. …..I can’t!

  10. why is this chick relevant? she preys on the young hood and non rappers that aren’t too bright…what do you expect she a stripper and a hoe!

    • You wouldn’t last 15 seconds…besides even her ratchet ass wouldn’t touch you.

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