R Kelly’s Lawyer, Publicist & Assistant Quit Amid STD & Sex Cult Allegations!

r kelly lawyer publicist quit

After allegations emerged that R Kelly “knowingly and intentionally infected” a 19-year-old woman with an STD, the singer’s executive assistant of over 10 years, Diana Copeland, has resigned. His entertainment lawyer of four years, Linda Mensch has also quit.

But that’s not all, his publicist, Trevian Kutti, told Rolling Stone, “effective April 16, 2018, I no longer represent Mr. Robert Kelly.”

News of their exit comes soon after the release of a BBC documentary, R. Kelly: Sex, Girls and Videotapes, which investigated numerous allegations – including alleged sexual relationships with underage women, mental and physical abuse of women and “brainwashing” women in a “cult.”


  1. His Punk Ass Is No Different Than All Of The Other “Musically Talented” Pedophile Scumbags In The Music & Entertainment Industry.

    His Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost……Ole’ Nasty….. Urinating On Kids…. Vile Dick MF!!!

  2. So His Employees Are Acting All Shocked & Appalled Now Due To The Recent Release Of The BBC Documentary……..But They Was All Cool With It Up Until This Point.

    This MF Been Fucking Around With Underage Girls For Umpteen Years……. Sounds More Like His Money Is Running Out & They Are Ghosting His Ass Now.

    • Right! So NOW they getting indignant? Wait til they start having to tell on each other cause sooner or later somebody gonna start talking.

      • @Anon 15:31

        Yep…….Not Only Will Someone Start Talking (When The Squeeze Is On Them)…….They Will Also Start Soliciting For $$$ To Write A Tell-All Book.

  3. This rabid rabies man shoulda been convicted.

    Shoulda been in a PC cell somewhere begging for forgiveness.

    Shoulda been gettin gangbanged in the prison laundry room.

    But ppl care more about civil cases than criminal ones. Payoffs.

  4. They’d rather try to get paid than put r.kelly in jail.

    That’s how i know most of r kelly’s victims are……..

  5. Cosby on trial again but Robert Kelly had tapes, married an underage girl, and he is still free. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

  6. R Kelly will most likely go down also for sex trafficking to especially since that seems to be the next big thing going now. They just arrested some edomite actress who looks as “innocent” as richie cunningham. I think her name is Allison Mack

  7. Yeah he def has the herps…tmz was interviewing him and his bottom lip was red, bubbling up looking like it was filled with pus and about to burst and the fool talking to him was acting like that shit was normal…

    • Holy shit you’re right! He has that shit in two interviews on TMZ. In the second one it’s on both is bottom and upper lip. Gross!

  8. I read somewhere that this dude allegedly has a video tape of him having sex with Aaliyah while she was still an teenager. No matter how talented this dude is, he should be in jail as of right now.

  9. They should just leave him alone, those girls are hoes, they parents trained them to be hoes and he is a hoe. Just let them all live in the hoe house until they decide they don’t want to be a hoe anymore. All the people around R Kelly are just as pathetic as he was. If they open they mouth all of them will be an accessory

  10. Hugh Hefner did his thing up until his death folks worshipped him. Woody Allen a known sick perv no mention of him. KELLZ likes fresh young pretty women can’t blame him. Any real str8 heterosexual man with money would be living it up the same way I know I would. Who would want some old ran threw busted and discussed women when you have the life if luxury

  11. I hope nothing good every happens for him again.

    Then he won’t be able to afford such fuckery…

    I don’t give a fuck who thinks they are getting away with shit on this earth…every single MF who has and is doing dirt especially with children, minors or ANYONE who is not of age will get theirs and I hope to be on the front row to see what happens to them ALL, when the time comes.

  12. So you get rid of me telling that stupid bitch lonelylad…to shut up about when calling these minors this pedo is using hos, but you let this dick reformed call people all types of crazy shit?

    Check your priorities sasha and stop erasing my point.

  13. Black women will and have defended his ass…especially the rats…and the parents of these girls basically sold there kids for fame!

  14. He most likely gave this young woman herpes…. This sick bastard is going to have his comeuppance real soon. Now that Cosby has fallen, R Kelly’s time is up next.

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