Kanye Confirms He’s In the Sunken Place

kanye sunken place

Even though Kim Kardashian is ticked off by all the people who think Kanye is in the “sunken place,” the rapper confirmed our suspicions in a recent tweet that read:

“I’m hand producing all the albums I tweeted about. Been chopping samples from the sunken place ?Pusha May 25th My album June 1st me and Cudi June 8th and Teyana June 22nd and oh yeah…”

And here’s the video of Kim showing her frustration over the Get Out references:


  1. I don’t know why all of a sudden they all are pushing for us to believe something else when the truth is right in are face I am not just talking about the Kardashians I am talking about higher level people like the way they are trying so hard to make people think that prince was on drugs the wrong medicines why now are they pushing for a strong cover up and by the way Kanye West been absent for a long time .

    • Shit wish them ALLLLLLLLLLL away, into the cornfield.

      ALA Rod Serling…and Anthony.

  2. Kim…..We All Know That You Are Mad Because People Know That You Are The One Doing All Of The Tweeting & Social Media Interactions……. While You Have Kanye’s “Sunken Place” Ass Strapped To The Radiator In The Basement.

    Girl Bye!!!

  3. she should be pissed he didn’t replace her wedding ring! look at that cheap band she’s wearing LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she thought she was marrying chase bank but soon found out he was leroy from the liquor store…….lol

    • She did marry chase bank junior and drained it. He helped along with his rag fashion and throwing money into that house money pit. He’s broke now, she controls whatever is left of the bank.

  4. Truth Serum: Maybe her diamonds weren’t stolen, they were repossessed after Kanye’s tour fell through!

      • lol!!! i never thought of that…it really is suspicious about that whole ordeal. someone steals your wedding ring that’s supposed to be insured you would think he would’ve gotten her another ring with the insurance money! what’s really going on kanye…took a loan out against the ring for your fashion line? embarrassing.

  5. So he’s using the phrase a sunken place to minimize how we use that phrase. Kim reads comments and his is her talking for him.

  6. I remember when this Bitch looked like a regular ole’ Busted ‘n’ Basic Sand Ngga.

    No one knew who she was other than a paris clit clinger & a thief who stole 100k from the norwoods…no one should ever forgive rj for bringing this Bitch & her koven to the forefront!

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