Jermaine Jackson Set to Marry 23-Year-Old Girlfriend

jermaine jackson marries girlfriend

During a concert in Mallorca, Spain, 63-year-old Jermaine Jackson announced he was going to marry his 23-year-old girlfriend, Maday Velazquez.

News of the upcoming nuptials comes while Jermaine’s in the midst of a divorce battle with his estranged wife, Halima Rashid, who filed for divorce in 2016. She is asking for $35,643 per month in spousal support, even though she beat the brakes off of him and was arrested for domestic assault back in 2015.

If a judge finally grants his divorce and he’s free to marry Maday, this will be Jermaine’s fourth marriage.


  1. btw
    Let’s get serious.
    Let’s get serious.
    Let’s get serious and fall in loooove.

    • Non of MJ’s siblings are getting a dime of his money, all that money is going to those white children he claimed to be his

      • Nah ma dukes gets some of that money and I’m sure she gives Jermaine, Tito, Jackie, Marlon, etc some coins .

  2. Anybody seen this elderly man on the Wife Swap tv show a while back? He was strange! I couldn’t live with him OR LISTEN TO HIS VOICE. He had clothes everywhere and said he never wore the same thing twice. And don’t get me started on his hair!

  3. Well, another divorce. Chile, don’t do it; I know you’re young but your generation is better equipped, perhaps the best at finding out folks business. Better watch that episode of Wife Swap. Jermaine had Halima pumping gas! Jackson men aren’t known for treating women well. That legacy & money you THINK you’ll be getting isn’t worth it. Do they seem like happy, well adjusted ppl? Look how many have been molested & Jermaine, I feel can be straight up devious. Burning Hot is my jam tho! 😀 Michael never put anything out that funky, but don’t tell the groupies on the other sites that, they’ll throw a hissy fit. Michael was a better performer yes, but Jermaine is the better singer. Again, don’t tell them that cuz they’ll sh&t all over themselves. 😛

  4. So…will she be jackson community pussy or only jermaine fuck her? I can already see Paris tryna turn thus girl out

  5. This old ass wore out fake California raisin looking ass black ken doll looking ass sit his Damn near seventy year old ass down

    Hell Debbie is 68, and Mike would have been 60 this year so Jermaine pruneface claymation ass gotta be bout 65

    Still.waitinh on that fake ass reunion tour where they pimp Mike’s hologram

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