Jackie Christie Breaks Silence on Estranged Daughter … Daughter Claps Back! #BasketballWives

Basketball Wives‘ resident loose cannon, Jackie Christie wants to clear up “lies and propaganda” about her strained relationship with daughter, Ta’kari Christie Lee.

The mother/daughter dynamic between Jackie and Ta’kari was exposed on social media a few years ago. Ta’kari has always maintained her mother essentially banished her from the family because she has a dark complexion.

Jackie has two daughters — Chantel Christie, who is very fair-skinned — and Ta’kari, who is dark-skinned. On the VH1 reality show, Jackie seemingly worships the ground Chantel walks on. However, viewers don’t see Ta’kari.

One issue Ta’kari exposed centers around her asking the public for donations after her son suffered burns because she wasn’t comfortable asking her mother for help. Of course, the fact that Jackie‘s co-star Evelyn Lozada made a generous contribution has been a source of drama on this season of the reality show.

As a result, Jackie has been blasted by fans on social media. She’s now speaking out in an Instagram post — calling all the speculation, “Lies and propaganda.” She wrote,

Ta’kari wasted no time jumping into Jackie‘s comments to keep her from playing the victim.

“Lies and propaganda slander and extortion…all
because I didn’t ask her for help…with valid reason!!!”
Takari wrote in Jackie’s comments.

Ta’kari  asserts that during her time of need, she hadn’t spoken to her mother in over 7 months because Jackie ignored all her attempts to make contact.



  1. “Lies and propaganda” is what desperate Jackie’s will be using to try to win some kind of favor from the public. Only a fool would buy into the crap she’s trying to sell.

  2. Unfortunately Ta’kari and her kids doesn’t have her Jackie Christie’s love and support. I wonder why Douglas hasn’t offer Ta’kari support but I guess technically she is not his daughter but he did raise her for awhile. Then again Chantal has said that Jackie interfered with Douglas relationship with her, making father and daughter never had alone time when she was little.

  3. You have got to be joking! Jackie you are dark skin,are you jealous of your daughters for their youth? You should have been shamed on that show,I’m glad Evelyn confronted you,your daughter had to ask others for money for your grandchild? I always thought you were a little bit “Off” Are you bipolar,or just a tad jealous of your daughters? Getting older is hard for women,especially ones filled with fear their husbands will stray,insecurities will do that to women going through menopause! Sounds like you have always been a little jealous of them! You need medication, of course no one can make you love your children,but you will need those girls one day,cause you are gonna get old one day! Never took you for one of those Color Struck Black Women!

  4. Its clear Jackie hates the father and has disowned the daughter. She reminds her of the life she was desperate to leave. If it wasnt for social media, we wouldnt even know she had an older child.

    She did mention she was married to a white guy before Doug, but she never mentioned the average nigga she had an average nigga baby with! New life new man means grandma is responsible for the old life.

    This is a song plenty women sing, Jackie just happens to be on TV.

  5. This is so sad… God please take care of and protect Ta’kari and her child.

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