Rickey Smiley Quits Facebook After Dark Skin Joke Backlash

rickey smiley quits facebook

Rickey Smiley can’t take all the backlash he’s been receiving ever since he cracked a joke about dark skinned women.

Instead of apologizing, he decided to step away from his Facebook account so he doesn’t have to read all the “negative mess.”

rickey smiley quits facebook dark skin


  1. I guess writing in English is not his strong suit.

    That “mess” read like a word jumble…smdh.

  2. Rickey went out like a sucka. Actually, I don’t think the joke he said was THAT bad. It might have been ignorant, but I feel some ppl are making too big of a deal out of it. Rickey could have just addressed it, apologized or not, & left it alone. This post was unnecessary & didn’t help the situation.

  3. Do you gotta be dark to get the joke because, I dont even get the joke, actually. I must be slow cause it wasnt even funny nor did it make any sense to me. Plus i would bot even bd pressed about this man, cant even tell if he straight, Bi or Gay.

  4. ”that big ass check will be in account at noon FOR DARK JOKE”

    So basically he’s going to keep on cracking jokes about dark skin, because he’s getting paid by his slave masters over at FOX NEWS. Rickey smiley stays with a white cock in his mouth smiling.

  5. To Lil Wayne and Rickey Smiley

    I wish both yall would stop trying to impose yall insecurities of being ugly on everyone else thats darker.

    Im so sick of this dark skin shyt and Im not even dark skinned, but yall bring this shyt up so much it gets on my nerves. Why cant both of you just go get you a white, mixed, Mexican, Brazilian girl or boy or transsexual or whatevevr it is that you like and leave ppl the f–k alone. We get it, yall hate dark skinned ppl, okay, we got it, now move the hell on, no need to try to make the world hate them too.

    The last time I checked none of us was born with the ability to choose our skin color. I wont spend another $1, penny on either of your careers again because this shyt is getting way too ridiculous. I hate hearing my beautiful lil cousin and sister speak low of there skin color because of yall two ugly azzes and they not even dark skinned, just the darkest in our family.

  6. Boycott Ricky Smiley! If you are offended by his self hating, obscene joke, don’t listen to his radio show; it’s that simple.

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