Rickey Smiley Cracks Dark-Skinned Woman Joke; Gets Immediately Dragged by this Woman!

Rickey Smiley got dragged by a beautiful sister, who heard the radio host crack a joke about dark-sinned women.

For some context, a few months back, Rickey’s son was dragged badly for making some disgusting comments about a black woman who he went on a date with. Rickey Smiley claimed he taught his son better than that, however, Rickey turned around and did the same damn thing.

It runs in the Smiley family…. ???



  1. Thank you for getting Ricky’s ass…
    That skinny MOFO was in L.A. and was a rude skinny MOFO only chatting with the white & light bright groupies that was amazed to see his skinny ass…Ricky did not approach us or acknowledge us at all…UNTIL my brother who is (????) walked in and came straight over to greet us and make sure we (his FAMILY) was good…THAT’S when Skinny Ugly Flat Ass Ricky Fuckin Smiley wanted to speak to us…GURL we just gave that MOFO the stink eye!!!!

  2. She was on point with every fucking thing she said! This bullshit with the black ass men publicly talking shit about dark skin women need to stop. I’m glad she called him out! Also, most black families have a spectrum of color. He’s probably talking about some dark skinned women in his family. Fuck him.

  3. He started out as the church lady and then went Hollywood and got a show. He aint funny no more.

  4. Neutered black men. I’m not surprised. It’s an orchestrated effort against black people and black men are willing participants. That girl in the video is beautiful and she puts him in his place. He’ll do his apology non apology soon enough, as in, IF I offended anyone. IF?

  5. I was with her in the beginning…before she became a total hypocrite. She basically did the same thing she’s complaining about. Any black man who’s trashing black women is a problem and should be shamed – granted. But then this black woman states “the majority of our men are bitches”; how is that any different from brothas generalizing black women?

    Also, I think we pay waaaaaaaay too much attention to the color and straight hair struck mentalities of black celebrities – male AND female. Hollywood negroes live by a different set of rules. That money and pressure to appeal to and be accepted by white Americans headf cks those mofos to their cores, and they basically become dark skinned white people. They do not represent the average black man and woman.

    • Excellent point, & good examples of this are The Jacksons, Lil Kim, The Braxtons, & so forth.

  6. Uh huh……..I see where that little boy gets that sh*t from, smh. Some of these black males are mentally ill.

  7. fuck that lil ugly mf & his ugly azz daddy don’t kno blk girl what his ugly azz country mf

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