Kenya Moore’s Restraining Order Against Matt Jordan Tossed Out!

Kenya Moore’s temporary restraining order was dismissed today after Kenya failed to show up for the hearing and for having never actually served Matt with the papers.

Here is what’s reported:

Kenya’s lawyer says… she only skipped court because she knew the judge would toss it once he heard Matt hadn’t been

You’ll recall … Kenya said Matt was blowing up her phone 30
times a day and had also threatened her. The temporary
restraining order required him to stay 200 yards away from Kenya.

Kenya’s attorney says Kenya will refile for another protective order…

Too much or Not enough?


  1. It’s possible she couldn’t find him and neither could a server cause he basically felt like he had a warrant and kept running. On the other hand she might be scared of him and didn’t want to antagonize him further. Those orders don’t stop violence they just impose arrest AFTER the violence or murder!

    • Bullshit. All of a sudden she can’t find him to serve him? Why would she put in the press that she was getting a restraining order against him and not do that? Don”t believe her lies..this was all for a story-line this season cause with out the “Matt Drama” she wouldn’t have one.

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